Protecting U.S. assets and infrastructure is one of the hottest missions in government, and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is the U.S. agency at the cutting edge of protecting against the totality of threats faced today. CISA works across the public and private sector, and while it may have cybersecurity in its name, it’s not just about combatting cyber threats.

“We are a cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency. But we are not an organization full of just hackers and cyber types,” said Nitin Natarajan. “We have a myriad of expertise that keeps our organization able and prepared to respond to the expectations the public has of us.”

Natarajan’s career itself highlights the many roles CISA plays, from emergency communications to protecting the COVID-19 supply chain and providing pipeline security. “I started my career as a first responder,” said Natarajan. He worked as a first responder for 13 years and worked with CISA for 15 years before taking his current role. That’s one of the most attractive aspects of working at CISA – the diversity of experiences and interests that brings talent and leadership into the door.

“Our problems here are dynamic, we’re tackling whatever the threat or vulnerability is that is thrown at us that day,” said Natarajan. “It could be something completely new that we’ve never faced before. It’s much more valuable to us to have 10 different people, bringing 10 different experiences where they’ve seen a similar problem and how we can learn from that to build what our unique solution should be.”

Who Should Consider a Career at CISA?

As a growing agency with a growing mission, CISA is looking for individuals with experience across it’s portfolio of challenges. Whether your expertise is chemical security and software development or program management and finance, CISA has career opportunities available for professionals who want to apply their skills to solving complex problems.

“We’re a growing agency,” said Natarajan. “We want folks that are bringing their experiences to the organization, and help us build what will be this next generation of CISA.”


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