How finding your cultural fit will enhance your career

At Booz Allen, it starts with a promise: If you bring your best self to work and live our purpose and values out loud, they will commit to supporting your personal and professional growth. In short: Come to Booz Allen and be you.

“It feels like it should be so simple,” says Enterprise Security Architect Vanessa Benally. “But when you go into a corporate environment, sometimes it feels like you can’t be yourself. At Booz Allen, it’s different—I feel very supported in my career here. I’m always encouraged to be the person I want to be.”

4 Ways Booz Allen Supports Employers

Here are four ways Booz Allen will support you as you find your voice:

1. Celebrate your differences

Everyone deserves to reach their full potential. It’s why diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a driving force behind our mission and has a pivotal place in our system of values. DEI initiatives, like our Unstoppable Together movement and employee-led, global Business Resource Groups (BRG), will encourage you and your teammates to hear and learn from one another.

“I’ve been chair of the African American Network for a few years now, and it’s rewarding to shape meaningful programming, like our Juneteenth celebration,” says Organizational Change Specialist Ebony Thomas. “It’s a great way to understand different cultures and meet new people.”

Inclusion is an important component of these efforts. For Executive Talent Management Lead Baris Yakin, being himself at work meant seeking accommodations for his physical disability. “Booz Allen has an amazing accommodations team. It’s okay to bring up your disability and you’ll have resources in place to help,” he says. “That’s my message to anyone joining the firm: Your difference or disability shouldn’t be something that holds you back.”

2. Expand your knowledge base

Booz Allen will invest in you, and you’ll have the tools you need to grow in your career.

“One of the things I really like here is the support for learning and expanding knowledge,” says Vanessa. “It doesn’t have to be traditional college or certification classes either—you can take writing and presentation classes. You also learn from your coworkers and by connecting with different teams.”

Programs like FlexEd and Tech Excellence are designed to help you learn as you shape your career.

“Here, you have the ability to migrate over time into doing different things,” says Engineering Director Bryan Kimura. “Part of being at Booz Allen is continuously learning. ‘Being You’ changes over time, and the firm supports you as you grow by encouraging you to learn.”

3. Continue your mission

If you’re a veteran, military spouse, or reservist, you’ll find a home at Booz Allen.

“Few other organizations beyond the military give so much responsibility and leadership to people so young,” says Bryan. “You can really tap into your military experience in the work that you do here.”

Their Armed Services Network and Military Spouse Network plays a key role in helping you and your family transition into the firm.

“Our BRGs help people migrate from military life to civilian life,” adds Bryan. “People are welcoming and there are mentorship opportunities, helpful hints, and programs to help active and reserved vets and their families settle in.”

4. Help you foster partnerships

Success doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and to be the best version of yourself at work, you need to be surrounded by other dedicated people.

“It’s a team effort, and I’m happy to work for a firm where teamwork is one of the pillars of what we do,” says Ebony.

Our partnerships extend out to our clients as well. “I feel respected and supported by them in the work that I do,” says Vanessa. Bryan agrees. “Once our clients understand our capabilities, we develop trusting relationships and are able to accomplish more together.”

As DEI & BRG Operations Lead Hazel Izler puts it, “Together, we are unstoppable.”

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