Space job opportunities continue to skyrocket. The nonprofit Space Foundation found that Pentagon spending on space has more than doubled since 2005, and private space employment reached a nine-year high in 2021. Space jobs continue to diversify, thanks to commercial space investment and the need to grow the newly created U.S. Space Force, the U.S. military’s newest service branch.

Leading defense contractor and innovator Booz Allen is currently looking to hire a variety of aerospace professionals in fields ranging from engineering and architecture to finance.

Booz Allen Solutions Architect, Michelle Harper, notes they’re looking for folks who are into data and software, but that experience area doesn’t need to be aerospace—commercial skills can translate into the defense sector, and professionals with different programming language skills can be retrained into the languages needed to support current efforts.”

Software is ever-changing,” says Nick Abercrombie, a Booz Allen systems engineer in aerospace. “How do you have a stable solution for years to come? You have to be innovative on all sides.” He notes his team is focused on solving highly technical problems with innovative solutions. Because they’re blending the technical and consulting missions, there are a variety of paths that can take you into a space career at Booz Allen.

The emphasis on space is greater than it has been in 50 years, and that’s directly tied to current threats. When it comes to aerospace today, the mission matters.

“It’s amazing how many countries have capabilities in space, and not all of them want to use it for the greater good,” adds Matt McGuire, a Booz Allen principal.  “Our country’s desire to have freedom of action in space is under threat now.”

Why Aerospace?

If the chance to make a real difference in the global power competition doesn’t entice you—maybe the chance to live out your childhood dreams will.

“Space is just cool,” says Abercrombie. “I watched Star Wars. I watched Star Trek. We’re really doing those things. I can look up at the sky and see LEO satellites, and I get to point those out to my kids. We work on stuff that goes 30,000 kilometers up in space. It’s a really hard problem, and it’s a really neat problem. It’s nice to be in an industry that’s funded, that’s growing, and that’s constantly changing.”

Funding and interest in aerospace continues to grow, and so does the investment. Aerospace professionals emphasize they’re at the cusp of major muscle movements in the technical landscape supporting space missions.

“We’ve been doing this for 20 years. We have a lot of capability, and we must continue that through  innovation,” says Harper. “We need a well-rounded, diverse workforce to together solve this problem. We have to deliver capabilities now; it’s not tomorrow; it’s not two years from now. There is a sense of urgency which we really need people to understand.”

Why Booz Allen?

With growth in the aerospace sector, professionals with the right skills have options. So why choose Booz Allen?

“At Booz Allen, it really is all about the people,” says Abercrombie. “The culture sets the standard. I’ve got close colleagues who work in 20 different offices, and it’s amazing how connected we all are. We’ve got a broad culture, and it’s a big tent.”

The caliber of excellence across the workforce is something employees continually point to as what attracts them to Booz Allen.

“My favorite thing about Booz Allen is you feel like you’re doing a group project with everyone who cares about the same end goal,” says Recruiter Olivia Kerschinske.

Unlike other government contractors where the interview process may focus on whether you’re a fit for a specific contract, Booz Allen takes a more holistic approach.

“We’re trying to find people who can work for our company throughout their career,” says McGuire. “What that means is you don’t have to change companies every time you want to do something different. We strategize with our employees and create growth plans that allow them to work on the type of projects they’re most interested in. You get to really learn the company and build a network so you’re more efficient in your job.”

Why Now?

The space sector is still at a major time of growth. New missions are (literally) taking off at a continual pace, so if you want to put your skills to use to support space, it may help to take the leap now rather than to wait.

“We’re at the cusp of a technological leap—it’s going to be a fun time in an industry that’s growing,” said McGuire.

“It’s exciting to go to work right now,” emphasizes Harper. “The innovation that’s occurring is amazing to be around.”

“It’s a really cool train, and it’s a great time to hop on,” says Abercrombie.

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