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Working as a 1099 Employee – What To Consider Before You Freelance

Charles Simmins / Jan 10, 2017

The gig economy is growing, but that doesn’t mean freelance or 1099 employment is for everyone. Here’s a run-down of some of the administrative considerations before you leave HR behind.

Job Automation – Yes, Your Job Probably Won’t Exist in Five Years

Charles Simmins / Dec 30, 2016

The robots are coming – and yes, they’re taking your jobs. Learn why job automation is a the career trend everyone is talking about.

Intelligence Gathering a Game Changer for Santa’s North Pole Operation

Charles Simmins / Dec 24, 2016

If you think intelligence gathering has changed for the military and government, you’ve got to hear how Santa is putting a new spin on delivering Christmas cheer.

Amazon Drones Pave the Way for Commercial UAV Use

Charles Simmins / Dec 15, 2016

The commercial use of drones is just at its cusp, and Amazon drones are paving the way. That could soon mean more job opportunities for drone pilots and support staff.

NSA Morale Leads Many to Private Sector Jobs

Charles Simmins / Dec 8, 2016

The NSA, long one of the top IT employers in government, has been struggling to retain talent over the past 12 months.

Can I Be Fired for Refusing to Take a Polygraph?

Charles Simmins / Dec 1, 2016

The polygraph continues to be controversial, and the rules regarding its use are largely contingent upon the type of position you’re in.

OPM IT Security Still Lags Behind Industry Standards

Charles Simmins / Nov 23, 2016

Despite a data breach which compromised the data security of millions and cost the government millions of dollars, IT security at OPM still lags behind.

Federal Government Bonuses – VA Program Puts Cash Pay-Outs In the Hot Seat

Charles Simmins / Nov 17, 2016

The Veterans Administration is under scrutiny again. This time for the awarding of bonuses regardless of performance.