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USB Drive Safety Highlighted by London Heathrow Security Lapse

Christopher Burgess / Nov 9, 2017

London’s Heathrow airport security plans for the Queen were found on a USB-drive on the street

Preparing for Your Security Clearance Interview

Christopher Burgess / Nov 5, 2017

Line up your ducks and be sure that the SF-86 is accurate, support docs, and rolodex of foreign relatives are in hand during your security clearance interview.

Malware Targets US Defense Contractors

Christopher Burgess / Oct 21, 2017

Defense contractors are being explicitly targeted by hostile entities, and the method is simple – a malicious email attachment.

Counterintelligence Briefings at the White House

Christopher Burgess / Oct 18, 2017

Counterintelligence briefings at the White House should never be once and done. They need to be continuously updated and refreshed as foreign adversaries target the leadership of the United States.

Congressional Staffer Charged for Falsifying SF-86

Christopher Burgess / Oct 13, 2017

Ten months after a conviction for tax evasion one Capitol Hill Staffer is being indicted for the federal offense of willfully making a false statement on his SF-86.

DoD Cybersecurity Put at Risk by International Defense Sales Pitch?

Christopher Burgess / Oct 5, 2017

Between insiders hauling suitcases of data out of the NSA to contractors sharing source code with Russia, a series of “own goals” is putting the DoD cybersecurity at risk.

The Pantyhose Full of Secrets – How to Circumvent a Bag Inspection and Steal Classified Information

Christopher Burgess / Oct 3, 2017

Reality Winner stuffed the classified info into her pantyhose and out the door she went.

U.S. Forces Korea’s Dependents Receive Fake Evacuation Orders

Christopher Burgess / Sep 27, 2017

Facebook and SMS messages spoof official evacuation orders for military dependents in Korea.