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US Service Members’ Families Targeted by Russian Hackers

Christopher Burgess / May 21, 2018

Multiple media outlets are reporting how Russian hackers posed as Islamic State terrorists to target and threaten the families of U.S. service members in 2015.

Veterans Affairs Background Investigation Program Broken

Christopher Burgess / May 10, 2018

The office of the inspector general at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs found systemic failure in the background investigative process within the VA.

Security Clearances and International Commerce – Make Sure You Follow the Policy

Christopher Burgess / May 9, 2018

Convicted of violations of AECA and you are statutorily debarred from any ITAR business.

3 Reasons Why Shielded Enclosures are Still the Best Way to Keep Classified Information Safe

Christopher Burgess / Apr 26, 2018

As technology advances and security researchers discover ways to cross the air gap, the shielded enclosure becomes evermore important.

Former FBI Special Agent Pleads Guilty to Sharing Secrets with the Intercept

Christopher Burgess / Apr 18, 2018

Terry J. Albury, a former Special Agent of the FBI, pleaded guilty to sharing Secret information with the Intercept.

Even as Rhetoric Heats Up, Information Sharing About Terrorist Threats Continues

Christopher Burgess / Apr 14, 2018

The U.S. Government operates under the doctrine of “duty to inform” when an individual or entity is at risk, including adversaries.

Reality Winner’s Defense Team Asks Government to Hand Over More Secrets

Christopher Burgess / Apr 11, 2018

The open and shut case of Reality Winner – who admitted to stuffing classified materials into her pantyhose and out of her workplace – just took a curious turn.

What Happens When Classified Information Is Needed in Court?

Christopher Burgess / Apr 9, 2018

The case of the US v. Weldon Marshall serves as an example of the Classified Information Procedures Act which is followed when classified information is required for a court case.