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Intelligence Community Job Requirements: No, They Don’t Just Trust You

Christopher Burgess / Mar 7, 2018

The world of financial disclosures and polygraphs throughout the Intelligence Community comes courtesy of Ames and Hanssen.

Explainer: Jared Kushner and His Security Clearance

Christopher Burgess / Mar 5, 2018

Jared Kushner’s national security clearance remains in progress. Is his life too complicated to be trusted with the nation’s secrets? Time will tell.

The FBI Background Investigation Process

Christopher Burgess / Feb 20, 2018

The FBI conducts background investigations on their own applicants and employees and for the White House and others within the executive and legislative branches of government.

How Could Rob Porter Get a Security Clearance?

Christopher Burgess / Feb 13, 2018

Issuance of interim security clearances, which remain in place for over a year are a direct result of the complexity of individual cases and the 700,000 case backlog.

OPSEC and the Internet of Things

Christopher Burgess / Feb 8, 2018

Electronic devices are being reviewed as potential OPSEC threats by the DoD, at the direction of Defense Secretary Mattis.

Your Dating Site is Now Owned by China

Christopher Burgess / Jan 31, 2018

China’s Kunlun group completes the acquisition of dating site Grindr and all its data. What can possibly go wrong?

50 Ways to Monitor Your Lover Online – LOVEINT

Christopher Burgess / Jan 16, 2018

If you have access and the urge to conduct a bit of LOVEINT, step away from the terminal.

Marijuana Users and Policy Abusers Should Expect Clearance Denial

Christopher Burgess / Jan 8, 2018

Committing a crime, smoking dope or avoiding your taxes are all fine ways to lose your adjudication appeal. And your parent’s nationality may be of interest and concern.