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John Brennan Loses His Security Clearance – That Doesn’t Mean He’s a Lost Resource

Christopher Burgess / Aug 16, 2018

The president has the “constitutional responsibility to protect classified information,” said the White House in a statement, characterizing Brennan as “erratic” and his “increasingly frenzied commentary” and one who had abused his access to the secrets of the United States.

Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States Gets New Teeth in 2019 NDAA

Christopher Burgess / Aug 8, 2018

The NDAA mandates China’s espionage activity is shared with CIFUS to assist in determining the appropriateness of Chinese investment in U.S. companies.

Lawful Permanent Resident Arrested for Providing Controlled Technology to China

Christopher Burgess / Jul 24, 2018

Shuren Qin a lawful permanent resident of the US shared a plethora of anti-submarine technology to China.

Spear Phishing a Part of Russia’s Intervention in 2016 Election

Christopher Burgess / Jul 14, 2018

12 members of Russian military intelligence were indicted for hacking associated with the 2016 elections.

GSA Contractors Working Without Completed Security Clearances

Christopher Burgess / Jul 7, 2018

Background checks, like NACI’s are table stakes before allowing an individual to begin work – unless they aren’t.

Defense Department Proposes Security as a New Fourth Pillar in Acquisition Decisions

Christopher Burgess / Jun 26, 2018

DoD calls for enhanced engagement with industry and launches “Delivered Uncompromise” initiative.

Is the OPM Data Breach Data Being Used for Identity Theft?

Christopher Burgess / Jun 21, 2018

Was OPM data used, or is it coincidental that victims of the OPM hack were identity theft victims?

Project Maven Data Breach Alleged in Civil Suit

Christopher Burgess / Jun 19, 2018

Clarifia is accused of not reporting a data breach which exposed Project Maven data. Not so fast, says Clarifia’s CEO, we’ve been totally transparent with our customer.

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