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How Role Players Prepare Soldiers, Spies, and Generals for War

David Brown / Oct 29, 2017

With Halloween around the corner, we take a look at role players: the professionals who put on costumes and create fictional worlds.

Defense Jobs for Mad Scientists

David Brown / Oct 24, 2017

The wars of tomorrow are being fought today, and defense contractors need scientists to help win them.

The Long Road to a U.S. Space Force

David Brown / Sep 26, 2017

The U.S. has flirted with the idea of a Space Force since the 1960s. Now it may actually happen.

What It Takes to Get a Job (According to Science)

David Brown / Sep 24, 2017

Science has a lot to say about getting a job. And, unfortunately, most of it is pretty depressing.

The Military and Intelligence Community Need Linguists. Do You Have the Language Skills to Help Them?

David Brown / Aug 28, 2017

Linguists are highly sought across the national security apparatus. If you are fluent (or capable of being trained to fluency), you have a virtually guaranteed job for life. Here’s how to join.

Alien Hunter, Mars Parachutist and Other Cool NASA Jobs

David Brown / Aug 20, 2017

Whether you’re protecting the Earth from killer asteroids or protecting Mars from killer microbes, there are some cool jobs at America’s space agency.

TSA Jobs With Security Clearance – Come Fly the Friendly Skies, Legally Armed

David Brown / Aug 8, 2017

The Transportation Security Administration is hurting for officers, and TSA jobs are more than you think. This is the time to join.

The Clearance Workforce Is Changing. What Happens Now?

David Brown / Aug 3, 2017

Cleared labor force demographics are shifting, but the clearance apparatus is not. What does that mean for you, and what happens next?