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TSA Jobs With Security Clearance – Come Fly the Friendly Skies, Legally Armed

David Brown / Aug 8, 2017

The Transportation Security Administration is hurting for officers, and TSA jobs are more than you think. This is the time to join.

The Clearance Workforce Is Changing. What Happens Now?

David Brown / Aug 3, 2017

Cleared labor force demographics are shifting, but the clearance apparatus is not. What does that mean for you, and what happens next?

A Veteran’s Guide to the 2017 All-American Total Solar Eclipse

David Brown / Jul 22, 2017

Service members will have the best views possible of this once-in-a-lifetime-eclipse.

How Veterans Are Transforming Disaster Response at Home

David Brown / Jul 4, 2017

A strong disaster response requires the skills that veterans have honed in a post-9/11 military.

5 Veterans Benefits That Aren’t Free Buffalo Wings on Veterans Day

David Brown / Jun 28, 2017

There are some great veterans benefits out there that don’t get enough attention. Here are a few of them.

Trump Wants to Rebuild American Infrastructure. Here Are the Jobs to Expect

David Brown / May 22, 2017

Whether it’s analysis, security, or implementation, you might soon be part of the expanded job market that comes with a repaved America.

How to Fight Back Against Salary Stagnation

David Brown / May 16, 2017

When faced with a flat salary when you deserve more, here’s now to ask for a big raise.

Technical Writing: Jobs for Poets with a Clearance

David Brown / May 14, 2017

The field of technical writing means a lot more than grinding out dry documents. It is a dynamic career with history-making potential.