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15 Signs You’re In Trouble At Work

Jillian Hamilton / Dec 6, 2017

The holidays may be making you feel snubbed by your coworkers or management. Sometimes, it’s just paranoia. At other times, it’s clear your boss may be considering a post holiday break-up – from you

5 Ways to Get a Company to Sponsor Your Security Clearance

Jillian Hamilton / Nov 30, 2017

It will take some strategizing to work your way into the cleared field of your choice, but it is not impossible.

3 Career Tips for Every Age Group

Jillian Hamilton / Nov 22, 2017

It’s less about what characterizes your age bracket and more about personal responsibility. Here are three easy tips for career success at any age.

Software Engineering Jobs in the South: Why it May Pay to Move

Jillian Hamilton / Nov 20, 2017

If you find yourself grumbling about the cost of living compared to your pay, you may want to pack up your software engineering skills and head south.

What is DSS? Get to Know the Agency that Wants to Own the Clearance Process

Jillian Hamilton / Nov 14, 2017

DSS is a DoD agency mainly located in Quantico, Va. that provides military, defense agencies, some federal agencies, and cleared contractor facilities with security support services.

Are You Ready for a Job as a CIO?

Jillian Hamilton / Nov 7, 2017

If becoming a CIO is one of your career goals, find out if you are on your way to achieving this goal. 

How to Find an Entry-Level Defense Industry Job

Jillian Hamilton / Nov 7, 2017

You can take steps to better position yourself to grab a great entry level defense industry position. Here’s advice on how to spot entry-level positions, and how to compete for them.

Defense Talent Demand Remains High, Competition for Cleared Talent Grows

Jillian Hamilton / Nov 2, 2017

Marketability and salary are key benefits of maintaining a clearance. The benefits may get greater as Silicon Valley looks to recover from its cybersecurity public relations problems