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Got a Call or Email from a Stranger? Consult Your Public Affairs Office.

John Davis / May 24, 2018

Even a simple request for an email address could be an attempt to elicit classified information. Do you know which requests to refer to your public affairs office?

Looming Threat to National Security: You

John Davis / May 16, 2018

Stovepiping can be useful for protecting sensitive information. It can also pose massive threats to national security. When is the right time to share information outside the chain of command?

How Spies Sought Out Germany’s ‘Revenge Rockets’ in World War II

John Davis / Apr 23, 2018

Germany’s ‘revenge rockets’ were uncovered by spies who seemed to be so unimportant they weren’t noticed.

How Elicitation Is Used to Scour for Defense Industry Secrets

John Davis / Apr 12, 2018

Every company who works with classified information needs a written, shared and used elicitation countermeasures program.

The Spy Who Traveled: Vacations and the Security Clearance Holder

John Davis / Mar 27, 2018

If you have a security clearance, it doesn’t mean you can’t relax and enjoy your vacation. You must remember, however, you have a clearance.

The Dead Man’s Secrets – Are Your Security Protocols Ready for the Unexpected?

John Davis / Mar 14, 2018

Security clearance holders are briefed regularly on security protocols and standard operating procedures. Unusual circumstances still occur, and we need to be prepared for those, as well.

How to Lose a Clearance? Mess with Money and Morals

John Davis / Feb 22, 2018

A wise mentor of mine once advised, “There are two ways to guarantee you’ll lose your clearance: Fool around with money and morals.” 

What Should You Do if You Suspect a Leak?

John Davis / Jan 15, 2018

All cleared facilities have implemented programs to spot insider threats. Do cleared employees also know how to report suspicious behavior and potential leaks?