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Coworkers Critical Source of Most Misconduct, Security Violations

John Davis / Sep 12, 2017

After a breach, everyone asks, “Could I have seen this coming? What signs could the spy have shown that I didn’t see? What should I have reported?”

Why the Smart Traveler Program is a Smart Move for Security Clearance Holders

John Davis / Sep 5, 2017

There’s nothing more reassuring than to be sure your trip is known by fellow Americans abroad in a position to help, if needed.

The Boring Ways Spies Hunt Out Secrets – And How to Protect Yourself

John Davis / Aug 31, 2017

Few Americans consciously betray national secrets. We do so in what might be called ‘an absence of mind.’

What is Whistleblowing? An Answer From History

John Davis / Aug 4, 2017

Wondering about the difference between a whistleblower and a leaker? History gives us some of the context.

The History of Intelligence Oversight

John Davis / Jul 25, 2017

To know why and how our Amendments came about, and thus why we have intelligence oversight as a result, helps make today’s debates no longer seem so complex at all.