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Sexual Misconduct Rarely Results in Clearance Denial – NDAA Calls for Harsher Penalties

Lindy Kyzer / Aug 3, 2018

The NDAA is requiring harsher career penalties for general officers and senior civilians convicted of sexual assault or other serious crimes.

How Quitting Your Job Became a Popular Summer Activity

Lindy Kyzer / Jul 29, 2018

How is your summer bucket list coming? Suntan? Vacation? Reading a good book? Quitting your job?

ODNI Considering Option for Temporary Security Clearances

Lindy Kyzer / Jul 26, 2018

SEAD 8 represents what could be a critical change in today’s time of record-high clearance processing times – it establishes requirements for temporary interim security clearance eligibility.

Credit Card Debt and Your Security Clearance

Lindy Kyzer / Jul 25, 2018

One of the most dangerous forms of debt for security clearance holders and applicants is credit card debt.

Could Brennan Fight to Keep His Security Clearance?

Lindy Kyzer / Jul 24, 2018

Some are asking – wouldn’t former CIA Director John Brennan and other officials have some sort of ‘due process’ rights to prove their own cases and retain their security clearances? 

Can the White House Revoke the Security Clearances of Former Government Officials?

Lindy Kyzer / Jul 23, 2018

The White House can revoke the security clearances of anyone it chooses – but what is the precedent, and what would be accomplished?

What are the Top Reasons for an SF-86 to Be Rejected?

Lindy Kyzer / Jul 19, 2018

Unfortunately, despite the numerous articles which outline why attention to detail on the SF-86 is so important, a number of initial security clearance requests continue to be rejected for reasons well within the applicant’s control.

Security Clearance Processing Times Continue to Creep Upward

Lindy Kyzer / Jul 18, 2018

Just when we thought security clearance processing times couldn’t get any worse – they got worse.