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Do Ambassadors Need Security Clearances?

Peter Suciu / May 15, 2018

Whether you’re a career diplomat or a presidential appointee, earning – and keeping – a security clearance can be challenging.

What is a Trade War?

Peter Suciu / May 13, 2018

Did you realize trade wars have previously led to real wars? Take this test and see if you understand the complex history of trade wars.

Working Overseas – How to Prepare Yourself and Your Family for the Move

Peter Suciu / May 5, 2018

Tips from the pros on how to prepare you and the family for the move, from education considerations to why you should stay informed with U.S. politics.

Making an Overseas Move : How to Prepare for a Move to a New Career

Peter Suciu / Apr 25, 2018

With so much to think about, it’s important to order the importance of plans that need to be made for your overseas move – and financial details should be at the top of the list. 

Why Prior Salary May Not Be the Best Basis for Future Salary

Peter Suciu / Apr 18, 2018

Earlier this month the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that employers can’t use prior salary to justify higher pay for male employees.

Are You Ready for an Unexpected Job Loss?

Peter Suciu / Apr 16, 2018

Job security is something few people think about. The truth is that even in a good economy a sudden canceled contract can mean a contractor may need to streamline operations.

Test Your Knowledge of Tax History

Peter Suciu / Apr 10, 2018

Financial issues are the number one cause of clearance denial. And that includes tax issues. Take a break from thinking about all the taxes you pay, and take our quiz on tax history.

Pursuing Part Time Security Clearance Jobs

Peter Suciu / Mar 29, 2018

Part time cleared positions are out there. The types of jobs that are available on a part time basis may not be quite as enticing as full time positions, however.