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Pursuing Part Time Security Clearance Jobs

Peter Suciu / Mar 29, 2018

Part time cleared positions are out there. The types of jobs that are available on a part time basis may not be quite as enticing as full time positions, however.

The Tax Benefits and Drawbacks of Working Overseas

Peter Suciu / Mar 22, 2018

While moving overseas won’t make you immortal, it may allow you to exclude foreign earnings from your taxes, according to the Internal Revenue Service. 

Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube Channels and Security Clearance

Peter Suciu / Mar 7, 2018

Are you putting clearance on the line if you express your opinion in today’s digital media?

How Investments Can Affect Your Security Clearance

Peter Suciu / Mar 4, 2018

Investing doesn’t need to be avoided if you hold a security clearance, but transparency and full disclosure are key.

The Dollars and Bits: Test Your Knowledge of Cryptocurrency

Peter Suciu / Feb 28, 2018

Bitcoin is having a moment, but how well do you really understand cryptocurrencies, from how they’re created to where they get their worth?

From Sci-Fi to Reality: How the Military Develops the Tools of Tomorrow

Peter Suciu / Feb 15, 2018

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has recently been highlighting how its efforts are helping the military dream big dreams and turn projects which may seem like science fiction unto a reality for the military.

Presidential Secrets: Test Your Knowledge of the Nation’s Highest Office

Peter Suciu / Feb 14, 2018

No matter what you call it, or even whom it honors, there are some unique facts about the day and the office. Test your knowledge and see if you know your Presidential history.

Want a Military Tech Job? Why You May Want to Look in Silicon Valley

Peter Suciu / Feb 6, 2018

Technology from the Internet to GPS came from the military. Now the military is looking to small business and Silicon Valley to help it innovate.