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Test Your Knowledge of Russian Intelligence

Peter Suciu / Aug 5, 2017

The work of Russian intelligence is all over the news. But how well do you really know the KGB, Kremlin and Prague Spring? Test your spy knowledge.

The New Cold War – Is a War with Russia Heating Up?

Peter Suciu / Jul 16, 2017

Since 2016, some scholars in the mainstream media have been warning of the New Cold War. That term may not fit today’s reality.

How to Keep Sensitive Information Safe While Traveling

Peter Suciu / Jul 6, 2017

Traveling for work? Even if you don’t work for the CIA, thinking like a spy may be the best way to keep your data safe on the road.

Department of Energy Security Clearance Holders See Salary Bump

Peter Suciu / Jun 22, 2017

Department of Energy clearance holders saw one of the largest salary increases in the recent ClearanceJobs Salary Survey. Learn more about why DoE clearances are in demand.

7 Flag Day Facts – How Well Do You Know the History of the American Flag?

Peter Suciu / Jun 14, 2017

How well do you know the history of the American flag? Here are seven flag day facts to help you brush up on your American history.

How Work Continues During a Security Clearance Backlog

Peter Suciu / Apr 3, 2017

Just because there’s a 500,000 case backlog doesn’t mean the work doesn’t go on – but there are other serious implications for the clearance jobs market.

What is the Real Impact of the Security Clearance Backlog?

Peter Suciu / Mar 27, 2017

The security clearance backlog isn’t just a major headache. It’s also a major drain on the bottom line for both business and the government.

Do IT Certifications Pay Off and What are the Best Certifications to Have?

Peter Suciu / Feb 21, 2017

IT certifications are often listed as a ‘must have’ to advance your career. But do they really pay off, and if so, which certifications offer the best value?