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Is Continuous Evaluation Working?

Sean Bigley / Dec 4, 2017

As it turns out, continuous evaluation (CE) has been quietly rolled out across key sectors of the government during 2017 – and it continues to march forward despite concerns.

Equifax Hack Poses Particular Problems for Clearance Holders

Sean Bigley / Nov 26, 2017

After seeing first-hand the havoc and misery wrought by identity thieves, the Equifax data breach was simply another reminder to never become complacent.

What Every Clearance Holder Needs to Know About Pre-Publication Review

Sean Bigley / Nov 19, 2017

The process is required for all current or former security clearance holders who wish to publish material in any format that addresses their experience while working with a security clearance.

Predatory Lending and Your Security Clearance

Sean Bigley / Nov 12, 2017

Among the many new facets of June’s update to the National Adjudicative Guidelines for Security Clearances is an interesting clarification to one of the mitigating conditions under Guideline F.

Security Clearance Determinations – Conduct vs. Consequences

Sean Bigley / Oct 22, 2017

The government’s argument is that someone who escaped more severe consequences on a technicality isn’t automatically worthy of trust.

What Constitutes “Evidence” in a Security Clearance Case?

Sean Bigley / Oct 15, 2017

Regardless of what type of hearing you find yourself in, there is still the matter of whether evidence, even relevant evidence, is helpful and credible.

Conditions and Waivers in the Security Clearance Process

Sean Bigley / Oct 8, 2017

All federal agencies may now grant security clearances with conditions and make exceptions in granting clearances where, for example, the applicant would be denied but for his critical value to the employer.

Whistleblower Retaliation Laws Need Sharper Teeth

Sean Bigley / Oct 1, 2017

The problem is two-fold: (1) whistleblower retaliation is difficult to prove, and (2) even when it is proven, the perception has often been that the retaliator gets little more than a slap on the wrist.