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Will a GOMOR Kill My Security Clearance?

Sean Bigley / Mar 8, 2018

A GOMOR, or “General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand”, is essentially a written “chewing out” of a soldier by a General. It’s a career killer, but not necessarily a clearance killer.

Jewish Birthright Trip Causes Problems for Some Intelligence Community Applicants

Sean Bigley / Feb 26, 2018

The Birthright Israel program sends 50,000 Jewish young adults each year on an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel. For some, it’s caused foreign influence concerns for an intelligence community clearance.

Security Clearances and Weekend Entrepreneurs

Sean Bigley / Feb 26, 2018

Entrepreneurship can be an incredibly fun and rewarding endeavor, even if pursued on only a part-time basis. For security clearance holders, however, extra due-diligence may be necessary.

Why Investing in a Marijuana Business Could Make Your Clearance Go Up in Smoke

Sean Bigley / Feb 18, 2018

For some of the “smokers and midnight tokers” among us, the burgeoning “legal” marijuana industry is leading to hazy visions of a different kind of green: cash.

Bitcoin and Your Clearance: A Legal Perspective

Sean Bigley / Feb 7, 2018

There is good reason why the government would wish to know about clearance holder investments in virtual currency such as bitcoin, just as there are some basic, common-sense principles that can be applied to the matter.

Leaving a Job Under Unfavorable Conditions

Sean Bigley / Feb 5, 2018

For most people, determining whether they have been fired (or quit after being told they would be fired) doesn’t require much mental energy.

The “EVER” Questions on the SF-86

Sean Bigley / Jan 28, 2018

Why does the government require reporting some incidents and convictions if they’ve ever occured, while others only need to be reported from the previous 7 years?

When Your Background Investigator Threatens to “Waterboard” You

Sean Bigley / Jan 21, 2018

There is no reason for a background investigator to threaten or intimidate – even in a polygraph examination.