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MAVNI, Espionage, and Helpful Advice for Would-Be Spies

Tom McCuin / Sep 28, 2018

With the added scrutiny of the MAVNI program, the smart move would have been for Ji Chaoqun to lay low. But he didn’t. Then he accidentally spilled the beans to an undercover special agent of the FBI.

Congress Votes for Military Readiness, Avoiding Government Shutdown

Tom McCuin / Sep 27, 2018

President Donald Trump has promised to sign the $854 billion spending package that will enhance military readiness. No one really wanted a government shutdown five weeks before the midterm elections, and once the president signs this bill, we’ll be free of that prospect.

Iran Plays the Villain in Trump’s U.N. Speech

Tom McCuin / Sep 26, 2018

In yesterday’s speech to the U.N. General Assembly, President Trump cast Iran as the bad guy. This was unnecessary, since by its own actions, Iran does a pretty good job of assuming the role all on its own.

UN General Assembly Day One – North Korean Denuclearization and an Encouraging Trade Agreement for the U.S.

Tom McCuin / Sep 25, 2018

Though concrete evidence of North Korean denuclearization still is lacking, Secretary of State Pompeo is optimistic. But amid nuclear scares on the Korean peninsula, there’s some good news being lost in the shuffle.

As U.N. Gathers, Trumpian Diplomacy Is on the World Stage

Tom McCuin / Sep 24, 2018

The U.N meets in NYC this week and critics fear the president’s brash brand of diplomacy. But with threats from Iran, DPRK and others, the watching world still knows it faces bigger dangers than Trump’s manners.

President Moon’s Trip to North Korea: Progress or Pageantry?

Tom McCuin / Sep 21, 2018

South Korean President Moon Jae-in was in the North this week for another “historic” summit that has produced sound and fury, pageantry, great photos, and grand pronouncements – but little real progress.

What is the Hatch Act and Why Does it Matter for Federal Employees?

Tom McCuin / Sep 20, 2018

At its core, the Hatch Act prevents federal employees from engaging in partisan political activity during work hours. It takes enforcement of the act seriously – just ask Stuart Karaffa, a State Department employee.

Trump, the Russia Investigation, and How Documents Are Declassified

Tom McCuin / Sep 19, 2018

Yesterday, the president went against the advice of the intelligence community and ordered that certain documents associated with the Russia probe be declassified. Democrats are furious – but what can they do about it?

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