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What’s North Korea’s Endgame?

Tom McCuin / Apr 23, 2018

The DPRK has continued to surprise at every turn, beginning with the relational thaw just before the Winter Olympics in February.

How to Complete and Complement Your Job Interview Suit

Tom McCuin / Apr 20, 2018

The suit itself is only one part of that effort. Your shirt, tie, and shoes, and accessories complete the outfit. Get them wrong, and you make the wrong first impression in your job interview

CIA Meetings in North Korea Emphasize Kim Jong-un’s Motivation to Maintain Status Quo

Tom McCuin / Apr 19, 2018

Intelligence Community “back channels,” out of sight of the public and even most of the bureaucracy, serve a vital role.

Congressional Proposals Seek to Dramatically Reduce the Size of The Defense Department

Tom McCuin / Apr 18, 2018

The bill seeks to achieve a 25 percent reduction in the cost of operating these agencies by 2021. That equates to as much as $25 billion.

DoD Acknowledges Private Security Contractors in Syria

Tom McCuin / Apr 17, 2018

Private security contractors are necessary because deployed uniformed personnel are a precious commodity needed to perform the “inherently governmental functions”only they can do.

Mission Accomplished in Syria? Probably Not.

Tom McCuin / Apr 16, 2018

Trump took to Twitter to brag about the effectiveness of U.S. strikes against Syria. “Could not have had a better result,” he said, adding, “Mission Accomplished!” This was a bad idea.

How to Choose the Right Suit for the Job Interview, and the Job

Tom McCuin / Apr 13, 2018

Wearing a uniform is easy. It just is what it is. It requires no thought. Dressing for business is much different. So here’s the first installment of my handy guide for guys who have never had to choose a business outfit. 

Top Five Recent Developments in Syria

Tom McCuin / Apr 12, 2018

Things are happening at a lightning pace, but here’s the top developments in Syria and surrounding our foreign policy position from the last day.