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Fallout from Russian Novichok Poisoning Continues

Tom McCuin / Sep 17, 2018

Wiltshire, England police confirmed that two individuals exhibiting Novichok-like symptoms were taken to a local hospital Sunday afternoon. According to reports, the couple began to exhibit what a witness called “the same symptoms” as Sergei and Yulia Skripal.

As John Kerry Talks to Iran, Critics Say He’s Violating the Logan Act

Tom McCuin / Sep 14, 2018

The former senator and secretary of state says he still speaks to the Iranian foreign minister, hoping to improve situations in the Middle East. Predictably, political opponents are using an obscure and outdated law to criticize him.

Is the Federal Government Really Robbing Disaster Funds to Pay for Detention Centers?

Tom McCuin / Sep 13, 2018

Appearing on MSNBC Tuesday night, Sen. Merkley (D-OR) announced that DHS had taken $9.8 million away from FEMA and given it to ICE. But as is usually the case in Washington, the details are more mundane than the headline suggests.

John Bolton Takes a Swipe at the International Criminal Court

Tom McCuin / Sep 11, 2018

There are those who would gladly set aside our 1,000-year-old legal tradition in favor of European models where the power of the state, not the individual, is supreme. John Bolton is not one of them.

As Blackwater’s Erik Prince Pushes to Privatize the Afghan War, Nicholas Slatten’s Life Hangs in the Balance

Tom McCuin / Sep 10, 2018

On Thursday, a mistrial was declared in the case of Nicholas Slatten, former Blackwater contractor. Lawyers will meet this week to discuss the way forward, but Blackwater’s vocal founder is poisoning the well.

Have the “Adults in the Room” Prevailed against Trump on Syria?

Tom McCuin / Sep 7, 2018

In one of his darker moods, the president threatened to pull all U.S. forces out of Syria, even though the U.S.-led coalition had Islamic State fighters on the run and was trying to finish the job. That no longer appears to be the case.

Anonymously and Publicly, Trump Officials Contradict Their Boss

Tom McCuin / Sep 6, 2018

Yesterday the New York Times published an online op-ed by an anonymous “senior official in the Trump administration” and it has everyone’s undivided attention.

Jalaluddin Haqqani, Bloodthirsty Killer and Original Mujaheddin, Confirmed Dead by Taliban

Tom McCuin / Sep 5, 2018

Perhaps Haqqani’s death can pave the way for this new Pakistani leader to stand out from his predecessors and take a strong stance against the ISI’s continued support for the Taliban. I won’t be holding my breath, though.

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