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Hawaiian False Alarm and Cyberspoofing the Nuclear Decision Making Process

Tom McCuin / Jan 15, 2018

The real question to be asking is: what do false alarms, accidental or deliberate, mean for the nuclear decision making process?

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Burning Payload? – What Mission Failure Teaches Us About Accountability

Tom McCuin / Jan 12, 2018

Who’s responsible when a mission fails? It’s important to remember accountability and responsibility have different meanings for the government.

America Can Take Credit for North-South Korea Talks

Tom McCuin / Jan 11, 2018

Both sides can take a share of the credit, but in the end, the tensions are easing. We can have a constructive dialogue that seeks to find a place where we can agree to end the madness.

What the SpaceX Failure Can Teach Us About North Korea’s Missile Program

Tom McCuin / Jan 10, 2018

Rocket science isn’t easy. If it were, every country would have its own space program. Even North Korea.

Hawking Defense Industry Tech Abroad to Spawn U.S. Jobs Creation

Tom McCuin / Jan 9, 2018

A Reuters report indicates the Trump administration plans to create more American jobs by directing a program to promote the U.S. defense industry abroad.

Lack of HUMINT From North Korea Drives Intelligence Failures

Tom McCuin / Jan 8, 2018

There’s plenty wrong in the U.S. intelligence community. But given what analysts have to work with, bad estimates of North Korean progress isn’t really one of them.

Washington Cold Snap Puts Pakistan Aid on Ice

Tom McCuin / Jan 5, 2018

The nation’s capital is gripped by its longest cold snap since 1989, but that didn’t stop the Trump administration from dropping the temperature a few degrees more by announcing that all security assistance to Pakistan was on hold.

North Korea Extends Olive Branch to South, Saves Bravado for U.S.

Tom McCuin / Jan 4, 2018

The nuclear bravado caught the president’s attention, but hopefully, he has spent time digesting the rest of what Kim had to say.