Interview Hack: The Secret to Answering the Salary Question

Jan Johnston Osburn / Sep 6, 2018

Candidates should understand their value and be poised enough to confidently state it. In fairness, you may not get what you ask for but the decision to accept or not accept lies with you.

8 Myths About Goals That You Need to Stop Believing Now

Jan Johnston Osburn / Sep 3, 2018

Many people question the value of goal-setting. Some believe goals don’t work. Others think that if you define a goal, you define your own limitation. None of that is true.

Want to Write Code? How to Program in C#

David Brown / Aug 30, 2018

There are over ten thousand jobs listed in the ClearanceJobs database for software developers. If you want to make a career switch, those are fertile grounds for you. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, though. ClearanceJobs is here to help.

3 Critical Leadership Mistakes That Make Your Employees Miserable

Jan Johnston Osburn / Aug 27, 2018

The use of the word “toxic” when referring to employees may seem overused and clichéd in today’s work environment, but sometimes you have an employee who is dangerous.

4 Reasons to Start Volunteering at Work

Jay Hicks / Aug 20, 2018

Volunteering is a great way to continue your professional development. Here are a few reasons why you should consider volunteering or accepting a new challenge at work.

10 Ways to Instantly Lose Credibility as a New Manager

Jan Johnston Osburn / Aug 20, 2018

One defining core characteristic of a manager is credibility. That means you are consistent in your words, behaviors, and in your actions.

Is Job Hopping Bad for Your Career?

Lindy Kyzer / Aug 14, 2018

If you’re guilty of job hopping, you should worry about how recruiters will view your frequent moves. If your career changes seem to be more due to boredom than career progression, a company may not be willing to be your next flavor of the day.

8 Things You Should Always Tell Your Manager

Jan Johnston Osburn / Aug 13, 2018

Working in these significant communication points during conversations will help you and your manager improve the way you interact.

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