Balancing Work and Life as a Cleared Professional

Peter Suciu / Nov 8, 2018

Having a satisfying life outside work is an essential encouragement to the stresses of being a security-cleared professional. For Shana Millspaugh, the support of employer Booz Allen Hamilton has enabled her to balance her personal and professional priorities.

8 Career Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

Jan Johnston Osburn / Nov 5, 2018

Career ownership is a powerful tool. You are the only one who can make the best decision for the next stage of your career.

Looking for Law Enforcement Security Clearance Jobs? You’re in Luck.

David Brown / Oct 24, 2018

There’s never been a better time to land a law enforcement job. From office support staff to the famed FBI agent, if you’ve got a clearance, there’s probably a job out there for you.

Charismatic Leadership: 5 Powerful Characteristics of Influential Leaders

Jan Johnston Osburn / Oct 22, 2018

Influence goes beyond being honest, trustworthy, ethical, and moral. The most influential leaders share common characteristics that win people over.

Who Is Hiring Cleared Talent in Thin Job Markets – and What Can You Do There?

David Brown / Oct 17, 2018

Not every state can be Virginia or California, teeming with jobs and desperate for help. But even if you’re not in a typically job-rich area, you have options.

An Army of One: 10 Habits of the Highly Effective Team Member

Steven Matthew Leonard / Oct 16, 2018

Being a productive and effective member of a team isn’t that complicated. Some advise focusing on soft skills, others on hard skills. There’s no “secret sauce” to being a good team member, but here are ten reliable ways to be a better teammate.

Increasing Your Likeability Factor: 7 Small Acts That Make You More Likeable at Work

Jan Johnston Osburn / Oct 15, 2018

While we cannot force our co-workers to like us, we can increase our likeability factor. We are more likely to feel warmly toward a person who makes us feel good about ourselves – and that creates a shift in how they react and respond to you.

How to Build Your Corporate Identity and Reputation in a Tight Marketplace

Todd Keys / Oct 13, 2018

The defense industry is a crowded space, with many contractors vying for the same, limited pool of contracts and talent. If you want your company to be successful, these are ways you can help set your company apart from the pack.