How Job Searching Has Changed and What to Do About It

Marcelle Yeager / Aug 1, 2018

In short: it’s not about you, it’s about the employer. Here are five things that you need to be aware of before you apply.

8 Surprising Dangers of Being Too Reliable at Work

Jan Johnston Osburn / Jul 30, 2018

Nothing can make you feel more inferior than when you think someone is taking advantage of you. Feeling that your value is overlooked or that your boss doesn’t notice your contributions should signal career danger.

How Quitting Your Job Became a Popular Summer Activity

Lindy Kyzer / Jul 29, 2018

How is your summer bucket list coming? Suntan? Vacation? Reading a good book? Quitting your job?

Starting a New Job? 10 Essential Tips for Your First 30 Days

Jan Johnston Osburn / Jul 17, 2018

Feeling a little nervous about starting your new job? It can feel overwhelming but if you stay cognizant of these essential tips, you will stay on firm footing.

Candidate Ghosting on the Rise in an Applicant’s Job Market

Jay Hicks / Jul 17, 2018

With unemployment hitting an 18-year low this month, employees are suddenly in demand and they are on the move.    

5 Key Considerations Before Saying Yes to a Job Offer – Is it Corporate Culture or Culture Shock?

Jan Johnston Osburn / Jul 9, 2018

Corporate culture should never equal culture shock. Your gut tells you a lot when you pay attention and ask questions. If you feel troubled about the job or the people you would be working with, don’t ignore it.

4 Military Podcasts that Will Make You a Fascinating Person

Caroline D'Agati / Jul 3, 2018

How does one keep their brain sharp when there are so many walls to paint, kids to feed, and spreadsheets to finish? These podcasts are great ways for military buffs and curious people of all kinds to stay interesting.

Did You Blow Your Interview? 4 Steps to Overcome It

Jan Johnston Osburn / Jun 20, 2018

You can turn a bad experience into something more positive. Here are four solid steps to overcome poor performance in a job interview.

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