Lawful Permanent Resident Arrested for Providing Controlled Technology to China

Christopher Burgess / Jul 24, 2018

Shuren Qin a lawful permanent resident of the US shared a plethora of anti-submarine technology to China.

DoD Setting Up Joint Center To Advance Artificial Intelligence

Marc Selinger / Jul 20, 2018

The Department of Defense intends to pump $1.75 billion into Artificial Intelligence efforts over six years.

Spear Phishing a Part of Russia’s Intervention in 2016 Election

Christopher Burgess / Jul 14, 2018

12 members of Russian military intelligence were indicted for hacking associated with the 2016 elections.

Learn Website Development Using Your GI Bill … In 14 Weeks!

Ron Kness / Jul 13, 2018

For veterans interested in learning how to code websites without spending 18 months or more going to school, there is a new VA-approved 14-week immersive program just for veterans called Code Platoon.

Senators Voice Security Concerns as Chinese Telecom ZTE Set to Resume U.S. Business

Caroline D'Agati / Jul 13, 2018

The Department of Commerce is moving to help the Chinese telecom giant resume U.S. operations, but the deal faces bipartisan opposition in the Senate.

Top 5 Entry-Level IT Certifications to Help You Build Your IT Skills, Improve Your Career

Greg Stuart / Jul 12, 2018

You’ll notice that none of the certifications listed will necessarily limit you to a specific niche. Rather, they all combine to make for a solid foundation to your career in IT and one you can easily build on in the years to come. 

Senate Intel Committee Unanimously Passes Security Clearance Reform

Caroline D'Agati / Jun 28, 2018

Yesterday the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence unanimously passed a bill that would reform the security clearance process. But will it actually work?

Cybersecurity and Security Clearances – Two Issues Congress Needs to Address in FY 2019

Caroline D'Agati / Jun 22, 2018

Congress is intimidated by cybersecurity issues and has no cyber “line in the sand” with actors like Russia and China. Sen. Mark Warner says this will handicap the US in 21st century warfare.

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