Is the OPM Data Breach Data Being Used for Identity Theft?

Christopher Burgess / Jun 21, 2018

Was OPM data used, or is it coincidental that victims of the OPM hack were identity theft victims?

Project Maven Data Breach Alleged in Civil Suit

Christopher Burgess / Jun 19, 2018

Clarifia is accused of not reporting a data breach which exposed Project Maven data. Not so fast, says Clarifia’s CEO, we’ve been totally transparent with our customer.

Intermediate and Expert Level IT Certifications

Ron Kness / Jun 15, 2018

Once one has the basics down and job experience, it may be time to move up the ladder and get an intermediate or expert-level certification.

Operational Technology Vulnerabilities and How to Address Them

Todd Keys / Jun 13, 2018

Our Industrial Control Systems (ICS) were designed to monitor, sense and actuate based on readings.  They are real-time systems that are primarily used in industry to interface with or “operate” machinery. Hence the term Operational Technology.

Cybersecurity Centers of Academic Excellence and What they Mean for Getting a Job with the NSA or DHS

Ron Kness / Jun 8, 2018

Learn about what accreditation means, and the Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (CAE-C) and Cybersecurity Defense (CD) designations.

Operational Technology Careers vs. Information Technology Careers

Todd Keys / Jun 5, 2018

While we have all been focused on the hardening of our vulnerable IT networks, OT (operational technology) networks have been quietly (or perhaps noisily) performing in industry. 

3 Things to Look for When Vetting an Online Cybersecurity Course

Ron Kness / Jun 1, 2018

There are several things to check, but for a quick initial look consider these 3 things when looking for a cybersecurity online course:

US Service Members’ Families Targeted by Russian Hackers

Christopher Burgess / May 21, 2018

Multiple media outlets are reporting how Russian hackers posed as Islamic State terrorists to target and threaten the families of U.S. service members in 2015.