DISA Warns DoD Users About New Netflix Phishing Scam

Lindy Kyzer / Jan 30, 2018

An announcement from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is warning Department of Defense users about a new Netflix phishing scam affecting approximately 110 million individuals and growing

50 Ways to Monitor Your Lover Online – LOVEINT

Christopher Burgess / Jan 16, 2018

If you have access and the urge to conduct a bit of LOVEINT, step away from the terminal.

IT Opportunities in Government Agencies Could Increase Thanks to Modernization Effort

Peter Suciu / Jan 12, 2018

Every agency has a cybersecurity need, and the Modernizing Government Technology Act may open up new contracting dollars and job opportunities.

40 Apps You Need to Delete From Your Device

Christopher Burgess / Jan 2, 2018

What’s on your phone? India’s Intelligence Bureau issues counterintelligence warning to military about forty applications sending data back to China.

Germany Pushes for a Backdoor Into All IT Devices

Christopher Burgess / Dec 14, 2017

Before you travel, make sure you know what the situation is and what “may” be shared with the country’s counterintelligence services, as countries across Europe consider implementing backdoor access to IT devices.

Love to Fiddle with Technology? Become a Remote Systems Engineer

Caroline D'Agati / Dec 9, 2017

Problem solvers with IT backgrounds can put their skills to use in any industry as a System Administrator.

NSA Employee Pleads Guilty to Taking NSA’s Top Secrets in Kaspersky Linked Case

Christopher Burgess / Dec 4, 2017

Nghia Hoang Pho, an NSA Tailored Access Operations employee, pleaded guilty to retaining classified information.

Military Social Network Surveillance and Scrapping Efforts Revealed

Christopher Burgess / Dec 1, 2017

A security researcher recently discovered a misconfigured AWS data store which housed over 1.3 billion CENTCOM and PACOM files containing social media content.