Navy’s Railgun Moving from Science Fiction to Science Fact

Tom McCuin / Aug 2, 2017

Successful development of a viable railgun represents more than just the future of naval surface warfare.

Do You Want to Classify That? Consider the Cost

Christopher Burgess / Jul 24, 2017

The care and handling of classified information cost the USG $16.89 billion in 2016 according to the Information Security Oversight Office

Senate Committee Gives Air Force and Naval Aviation Budget a Big Boost

Tom McCuin / Jun 29, 2017

The Senate Armed Services Committee bill directs the purchase of significantly more aircraft that the Defense Department requested.

The Government Contractor Competition for STEM Talent

David Brown / Apr 30, 2017

It’s not enough to convince STEM talent to join your company. First you have to convince students to join STEM.

What is LPTA?

Lindy Kyzer / Apr 26, 2017

The LPTA selection process has been controversial within industry, and with good reason. Is using LPTA as selection really the best way for procurement officials to get the best price and the best work?

What is Foreign Investment Control or Influence (FOCI)?

Christopher Burgess / Apr 10, 2017

Foreign Ownership Control or Influence (FOCI) is always an issue FSO’s must address. Will China’s buying into the US aviation industry threaten the US?

How Many Defense Contractors Are There?

Charles Simmins / Apr 4, 2017

A variety of defense contractors work to provide goods and services to the federal government. Here’s a breakdown of who’s doing the work, where.

Booz Allen Awarded National Geospatial-Intelligence College Contract

Lindy Kyzer / Mar 25, 2017

Booz Allen Hamilton was awarded a National Geospatial-Intelligence College contract for Learning Management and Advancement.

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