Move Over China – There’s a New Threat to Our Private Data: Home-Grown Incompetence.

Tom McCuin / Aug 30, 2018

It turns out that the release of a congressional candidate’s SF-86 wasn’t a case of doxxing or an act of highly-coordinated political sabotage. It’s just a case of bureaucratic malfeasance.

What Happened to Total Quality Management?

Todd Keys / Aug 28, 2018

Lapses in quality can result in lost opportunities, reputation, contracts and revenue. On the other hand, consistent quality results in positive reputation and sales growth.

Fair Winds and Following Seas: A Farewell to John McCain

Tom McCuin / Aug 27, 2018

McCain urged America’s youth – if not all of us – to dedicate themselves “to a cause greater than their own self-interest.” He certainly did that himself, and the country is richer because of it.

Government Contractor Gets Jail Time for “Made in the U.S.A” Boots

Tom McCuin / Aug 22, 2018

CEO proposed manufacturing boots (or at least parts of them) in China, but passing them off as “Made in the U.S.A.” He then had the Chinese factory sew-in a “Made in China” label that their workers back in the states could tear off before shipping them to the government.

How to Prepare for End of Year Funding

Todd Keys / Aug 21, 2018

Smart program managers begin planning a few months out on how to use this anticipated funding to advance programs. Here’s a roadmap to making the most of additional funds.

Brennan Considers Taking Trump to Court. He Will Lose.

Tom McCuin / Aug 21, 2018

In the absence of a law restricting or regulating how the government grants security clearances, the president’s powers as commander-in-chief are absolute.

Do Former Intelligence and Military Leaders Help the Public Discourse?

Tom McCuin / Aug 17, 2018

John Brennan is still free to criticize the president—he’ll just be doing it without access to classified information. But it’s the reaction some of Brennan’s colleagues—and the lack of a reaction from others—that raises interesting questions.

Omarosa, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Government Service

Tom McCuin / Aug 15, 2018

Former Apprentice bad-guy and later Trump appointee Omarosa Manigault-Newman published a tell-all book about her short time in the West Wing. How does this square with the White House’s non-disclosure agreement?

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