Defense Budget an Area of Unexpected Congressional Compromise – NDAA Emerges from Conference

Tom McCuin / Jul 25, 2018

The two-year budget deal struck last year has given us something Capitol Hill hasn’t seen in a long time: something that might just pass for regular order.

Paid Family Leave Proposal for Government Workers Has Bipartisan Support

Rick Docksai / Jul 22, 2018

A growing number of employers are offering paid family leave. And if Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) gets her way, the federal government will be one of them.

Army Forming Futures Command To Speed Up Equipment Modernization

Marc Selinger / Jul 18, 2018

New Command plans to hire “top talent” and “innovative minds” for its Austin, Texas, headquarters.

National Security, Not Sympathy, Determines Who is Eligible for MAVNI Program

Tom McCuin / Jul 9, 2018

National security, naturally, is the primary concern when screening people for national security roles.

10 Ways to Get Fired From Federal Government (Or At Least On Your Way Out the Door)

Jillian Hamilton / Jul 5, 2018

Just ask employees in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) if it’s possible to be fired – the VA recently announced it had dropped more than 500 employees in just 5 months, a figure that would be pretty remarkable in or outside of government.

8 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know about the Liberty Bell

Caroline D'Agati / Jul 4, 2018

This world-renowned symbol of freedom is shrouded in mystery and myth. Do you really know why we venerate this old bell?

The Tech Industry’s Love-Hate Relationship with the Government

David Brown / Jul 1, 2018

The government and the tech industry are occasionally antagonistic, but need each other, and always will

Army Futures Command Moves Toward July 1 Start

Tom McCuin / Jun 28, 2018

Army Futures Command will begin its life on July 1, and is directed to achieve full operating capability within a year.