Lack of HUMINT From North Korea Drives Intelligence Failures

Tom McCuin / Jan 8, 2018

There’s plenty wrong in the U.S. intelligence community. But given what analysts have to work with, bad estimates of North Korean progress isn’t really one of them.

Washington Cold Snap Puts Pakistan Aid on Ice

Tom McCuin / Jan 5, 2018

The nation’s capital is gripped by its longest cold snap since 1989, but that didn’t stop the Trump administration from dropping the temperature a few degrees more by announcing that all security assistance to Pakistan was on hold.

North Korea Extends Olive Branch to South, Saves Bravado for U.S.

Tom McCuin / Jan 4, 2018

The nuclear bravado caught the president’s attention, but hopefully, he has spent time digesting the rest of what Kim had to say.

Clinton’s Emails, an Australian Diplomat, and a Wine Bar – Leak of the Week

Tom McCuin / Jan 3, 2018

One presumes that this latest leak will spur yet another investigation. This will be cold comfort to one Australian diplomat, who must be hoping someone got the license plate number of the bus the leakers have thrown him under.

Ukraine Will Get Its Lethal Aid from the United States

Tom McCuin / Jan 2, 2018

The president’s personal reluctance notwithstanding, as demonstrated in the National Security Strategy, the U.S. will take a harder line against Russia than has been the case

Daily Intelligence New Year’s Resolutions

Tom McCuin / Jan 1, 2018

It’s time for some New Year’s resolutions, those things you promise to do better in the next trip around the sun. Looking back on what did and did not get a positive reaction from you, here are my promises to you.

North Korea Adds Anthrax to its Despot’s Cabinet of Wonders

Tom McCuin / Dec 29, 2017

To put a big cherry on top of the whole North Korea mess, we now have learned it’s likely they’ve developed anthrax.

Top Leaks of 2017 Part 2 – Leaks About the Leakers

Tom McCuin / Dec 28, 2017

Polygraphs for all and leaks in the CIA wrap up our round-up of top leak stories of 2017.