Mission Accomplished in Syria? Probably Not.

Tom McCuin / Apr 16, 2018

Trump took to Twitter to brag about the effectiveness of U.S. strikes against Syria. “Could not have had a better result,” he said, adding, “Mission Accomplished!” This was a bad idea.

Even as Rhetoric Heats Up, Information Sharing About Terrorist Threats Continues

Christopher Burgess / Apr 14, 2018

The U.S. Government operates under the doctrine of “duty to inform” when an individual or entity is at risk, including adversaries.

How Elicitation Is Used to Scour for Defense Industry Secrets

John Davis / Apr 12, 2018

Every company who works with classified information needs a written, shared and used elicitation countermeasures program.

Top Five Recent Developments in Syria

Tom McCuin / Apr 12, 2018

Things are happening at a lightning pace, but here’s the top developments in Syria and surrounding our foreign policy position from the last day.

Is There Justification for the U.S. to Go to War with Syria?

Tom McCuin / Apr 11, 2018

The call to arms against Syria raises two questions: is it moral, and is it legal? Without wading into the murky waters of the War Powers Resolution, a conversation all its own, I believe it would be both.

U.S. Must Respond to Latest Syrian Chemical Attacks

Tom McCuin / Apr 10, 2018

Assad thinks he can prosecute his reign of terror without fear of a serious U.S. response. The president must prove him wrong.

Russia Unlikely to Recover From Latest Foreign Policy Meltdown

Tom McCuin / Apr 9, 2018

The nerve agent poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia may prove to be Russia’s biggest overextension and its most serious miscalculation.

Google’s Defense Department Partnership Questioned by Employees

Tom McCuin / Apr 6, 2018

More than 3,100 Google employees are demanding the company drop its involvement in Project Maven, a DoD artificial intelligence program.