Myth Busting the Military: Service Members are Uneducated

Tom McCuin / Jun 1, 2018

Service members have obtained higher education at a rate higher than their civilian counterparts. So why do myths about them being ‘uneducated’ continue?

5 Questions to Ask Before You Leave the Military

Jay Hicks / May 12, 2018

To help you prepare for life after the military, here are five questions you should ask before you separate from service.

Navy Jobs Requiring Security Clearances 

Ron Kness / May 11, 2018

In this part on our series on Military Occupational Specialties and Security Clearances, we look at a sampling of jobs in the Navy requiring a security clearance.

More Things I Wish Recruiters Would Forget They Think They Know About Veterans

Tom McCuin / May 4, 2018

Here are the next two myths that I wish corporate recruiters (and, frankly, everyone else) would forget they think they know about veterans.

How Intimidation Impedes Inspiration During a Military Transition

Jay Hicks / May 2, 2018

Intimidation may be keeping service members from the inspiration and creativity needed to consider a successful life after the military.

Things I Wish Corporate Recruiters Would Forget They Think They Know About Veterans

Tom McCuin / Apr 27, 2018

As a public service, here is the first installment of common misconceptions people have about veterans.

What is Garden Leave?

Jay Hicks / Apr 23, 2018

“Garden Leave” describes the practice of an employee leaving a job and agreeing to stay away from work during a specified period of time, while still remaining on the payroll.

How to Complete and Complement Your Job Interview Suit

Tom McCuin / Apr 20, 2018

The suit itself is only one part of that effort. Your shirt, tie, and shoes, and accessories complete the outfit. Get them wrong, and you make the wrong first impression in your job interview