Filing Taxes as an OCONUS Contractor – Tips

Lindy Kyzer / Mar 5, 2014

If you’ve worked as an OCONUS contractor, getting professional tax preparation assistance, and following a few important tips, is very important.

Military Service to OCONUS Jobs – Making the Transition

Lindy Kyzer / Feb 19, 2014

Making the transition from military service to OCONUS jobs isn’t always easy – but if you’re a veteran, your skills are in-demand for defense contractors.

Foreign Job Market Offers Opportunities Despite Defense Austerity

Marc Selinger / Feb 13, 2014

Demand for international consultants, NATO contractors abound in the foreign job market, despite current US budget constraints.

Overseas Contracting Opportunities in Iraq Still Significant Despite Drawdown

Charles Simmins / Feb 11, 2014

The military draw down has actually spurred more growth in overseas contractor jobs in Iraq.

The Future: Comet-Battling Robot Satellites

John Holst / Feb 1, 2014

With no Bruce Willis in the wings, teenagers are coming forward to save humanity from comets and asteroids. That’s right, Comet-Battling Robot Satellites!!

How to Write a Resume for an Overseas Job

Bruce Diggs / Jul 18, 2013

As the military draws down from overseas assignments, contract opportunities are heating up. Your resume is a critical first step in landing an overseas job.

Global Defense Budgets Drop, Small Countries Step Up Spending

Chandler Harris / Jun 28, 2013

The worldwide defense industry is facing significant changes as the 50 nations that represent 97 percent of the world’s defense spending cut military budgets and reprioritize defense, according to the Global Defense Outlook 2013 report by Deloitte.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Private Security Contractors

Jillian Hamilton / Jun 5, 2013

Over half of the current force in Afghanistan is private security contractors. What can be done to increase their effectiveness as troops return home and more private companies take on missions?