Overseas Travel Tips for Contractors

Lindy Kyzer / Apr 3, 2015

Heading overseas for work or pleasure? If you’re a government contractor, keep in mind these tips before your next OCONUS trip.

15 Tips to Prepare for an Overseas Move

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Here are 15 tips to help you prepare for an overseas move, from how to fly Fido to why you may not want to bring your own furniture.

Overseas Contracting Careers – Private Contracting Positions Currently Available

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How to Prepare for an Overseas Contracting Job

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Filing Taxes as an OCONUS Contractor – Tips

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Military Service to OCONUS Jobs – Making the Transition

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Making the transition from military service to OCONUS jobs isn’t always easy – but if you’re a veteran, your skills are in-demand for defense contractors.

Foreign Job Market Offers Opportunities Despite Defense Austerity

Marc Selinger / Feb 13, 2014

Demand for international consultants, NATO contractors abound in the foreign job market, despite current US budget constraints.

Overseas Contracting Opportunities in Iraq Still Significant Despite Drawdown

Charles Simmins / Feb 11, 2014

The military draw down has actually spurred more growth in overseas contractor jobs in Iraq.