Trust, the New York Times Op-Ed, and Security Clearance Reinvestigation

Christopher Burgess / Sep 11, 2018

The author(s) of the New York Times Op-Ed have a secret. They may not have committed a crime, but can they be considered trustworthy in the context of national security?

For Clearance Holders, What Happens in Vegas (or Amsterdam) Doesn’t Stay There

Sean Bigley / Sep 9, 2018

Las Vegas has earned its reputation as a carefree ‘playground’ for those wishing to let loose. But its implied anarchy is overblown – and security clearance holders can forget about partaking in it anyway.

What Is an Interim Security Clearance?

Jeffrey Bennett / Sep 8, 2018

An interim clearance is a temporary and limited granting of access to classified information. It is routinely granted during a security clearance investigation and ends immediately upon the conclusion of the investigation – with either a clearance grant or denial.

Continuous Evaluation System Aims to Streamline Security Clearance Investigations

Rick Docksai / Sep 7, 2018

DoD’s new clearance administration will use a continuous evaluation system that will routinely check court proceedings, bank and credit bureau records, and other open-source data to look for signs that a current clearance holder may be a security risk.

Surprising Places Your Security Clearance is in Demand

Sean Bigley / Sep 2, 2018

As it turns out, the same cutting-edge technologies so exciting to consumers are also of considerable interest to the feds. The internet, cell phones, and global positioning systems were all government-funded projects before they exploded into the mainstream.

Background Investigation Changes Could Put Service Members, Government Clearances in Jeopardy

Lindy Kyzer / Aug 29, 2018

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the federal agency responsible for financial consumer protection, issued new guidance warning of the career implications on service members who may be subject to continuous evaluation as the Department of Defense looks to take over and automate the reinvestigation program. 

What Was A Congressional Candidate’s SF-86 Doing In the Hands of Her Political Opponents?

Christopher Burgess / Aug 29, 2018

Abigail Spanberger, the Democratic congressional candidate in Virginia, discovered her SF-86 was being provided to media by a Republican super PAC. Who gave it to the PAC? The United States Postal Service.

How Much Does a Security Clearance Cost?

Lindy Kyzer / Aug 27, 2018

Clearance costs are released – and go up – every year. Tier 1 investigations aren’t even clearances, they’re simple automated checks for low-risk positions. Tier 5 investigations are the investigations at the Top Secret level and require the most work – and the most cost.

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