Top Reasons For Security Clearance Denial in 2017

Lindy Kyzer / Jan 31, 2018

The top reasons for security clearance denial in 2017 were financial issues, personal conduct, and foreign influence.

Can Bitcoin Cost You Your Security Clearance?

Caroline D'Agati / Jan 29, 2018

For now, your bitcoin investments are safe from the prying eyes of a security clearance background investigator – but that may not always be the case.

The “EVER” Questions on the SF-86

Sean Bigley / Jan 28, 2018

Why does the government require reporting some incidents and convictions if they’ve ever occured, while others only need to be reported from the previous 7 years?

When Will a Background Investigator Contact My References?

Lindy Kyzer / Jan 27, 2018

Keep in mind, if you let your references know they’ll be contacted by a background investigator, it could be anywhere from a matter of a few days or weeks, to a year or more before they hear from someone.

National Security Gaps Created by Slow Clearance Processing Times

Merton Miller / Jan 26, 2018

The ongoing national security crisis created by the backlog of national security background investigations continues to drive ill-conceived solutions that do little for security.

Security Clearance Process Back on the GAO Hot Seat, Added to “High Risk List”

Lindy Kyzer / Jan 25, 2018

After a several year reprieve the government’s personnel security program was once again placed on the Government Accountability Office (GAO) “High Risk List.”

Credit Card Debt and Your Security Clearance

Lindy Kyzer / Jan 23, 2018

Credit card debt is a particularly dangerous kind of debt for security clearance holders. With high interest rates and high limits, it’s far too easy to rack up significant debt you can’t readily repay.

Security Clearance Delays, Reciprocity Problems a C-Suite Issue

Lindy Kyzer / Jan 23, 2018

Security clearance delays are a national security issue. And they’re also a C-suite issue for defense contractors unable to hire and retain talent.