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Design Staffing on Cleared Recruiting

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Design Staffing is a women-owned small business located in Boyds, Md.

The Problem:

Staffing firms don’t just fill immediate contract requirements. They have to solve customers’ ongoing and diverse personnel needs. They search for linguists one day and full-scope poly administrative assistants the next.

The Challenge:

If you have diverse and ongoing hiring needs, you need a recruiting platform that helps you build your talent pipeline.

How The Cleared Network Helps:

“I’ve placed people in positions that I could not find on another job board,” said Michelle Poage, Design Staffing. Poage noted that she found other cleared job boards both antiquated and hard to use. Searches typically displayed repeat candidates and there was no clear way to tell if she’d already viewed their resume.
Using the Cleared Network, she easily adds relevant candidates to her network, and flags their resume. The process is quick, and ensures that when she has a need down the line, she doesn’t have to waste time searching. Top talent is already at her fingertips.

“I recruit for a lot of cleared people, so it’s really helped in the fact that I have access to a lot of cleared candidates, who are all very qualified,” said Poage.

When it comes to social media sites such as LinkedIn, the problem comes with the amount of time and effort it takes to build a network. Poage noted that the search process is slow, requires you to already know the individual’s email address in many cases, and offers no customer support.

“Whenever I have a question about the Cleared Network, I get feedback right away,” said Poage “It has made my life in the cleared space a lot better.”

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