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MYMIC on Recruiting Veterans

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MYMIC is a modeling and simulation company, with additional capabilities in information technology and program management.

The Mission:

MYMIC is always looking to hire qualified veterans for its open positions.

How The Cleared Network Helps:

Seventy percent of the candidates on the Cleared Network are veterans, which is good news for companies looking to hire qualified veterans for their open positions. One way to reach out to vets is through Cleared Network groups, a social recruiting feature on the Cleared Network that allows recruiters to drill down to specific skill sets, security clearances or locations.

“My favorite feature on the Cleared Network is being able to join the different sub-groups,” said Monique Lamb, MYMIC. “I use location-based groups to find the targeted candidates I need in that area.”
Lamb also noted that she actively recruits in the Cleared Network groups for veterans – there are specific groups for each military branch as well as one for Wounded Warriors. Participation in Cleared Network groups is limited to those who meet the criteria. So unlike LinkedIn, you know the participants in a specific group actually belong there.

“I look for a lot of military veterans and a lot of people who are willing to relocate to the southeast,” said Lamb. “Those are my top two groups right now, and I get a lot of responses. I hired two veterans from the Cleared Network a month ago.”

One of the best elements of Cleared Network groups is that they provide an easy insight into which candidates are active. Candidates who have joined multiple groups are typically active job seekers.
“It’s important for me to know that a candidate is actively seeking job opportunities, because they’ll be more reactive to my opportunities,” said Lamb.

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