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Trump, the Russia Investigation, and How Documents Are Declassified

Tom McCuin / Sep 19, 2018

Yesterday, the president went against the advice of the intelligence community and ordered that certain documents associated with the Russia probe be declassified. Democrats are furious – but what can they do about it?

Why Ongoing Learning Is Critical to Your Career

Lindy Kyzer / Sep 18, 2018

Your personal and professional development is critical to your career. Learn how to make the most of ongoing learning opportunities.

DataLink, ViaSat Both Awarded Additional Funds for JTRS Upgrade – DoD Daily Contracts

Caroline D'Agati / Sep 18, 2018

This ceiling increase will enable the continuation of current and future Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS) efforts, including MIDS JTRS Modernization Increment 2 development; upgrade of MIDS JTRS Concurrent Multi-Netting-4 and Tactical Targeting Network Technology efforts.

Army Contractor Convicted of Cyber-Sabotage Highlights the Reality of Insider Threats

Christopher Burgess / Sep 18, 2018

Mittesh Das was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and fined $1.5 Million for implanting a “logic bomb” in a U.S. Army personnel computer system. This is a stark reminder that we must take care to reduce insider threats.

With Calls for Expansion, Has the Air Force Lost Sight of Its Mission?

Tom McCuin / Sep 18, 2018

The desire to create a space force as the sixth armed service has clearly rattled the leadership of the U.S. Air Force. And when the air force feels threatened, it tries to go on a spending spree.

Huntington Ingalls Awarded Another $104 Million for Nuclear Sub Services – DoD Daily Contracts

Caroline D'Agati / Sep 17, 2018

This award will allow for engineering, technical, design, configuration management, integrated logistics support, database management, research and development, modernization, and industrial support for nuclear submarines.

How Understanding the Warfighter’s Mission is Key to Your Success

Jeffrey Bennett / Sep 17, 2018

Intelligence support makes the warfighter’s operational mission possible. In a recently-revised U.S. Army publication, this partnership between intelligence and military operations is explored for the integral relationship that it is.

Fear-based Leadership: 7 Signs Employees Are Afraid of You

Jan Johnston Osburn / Sep 17, 2018

Fear-based leadership can often have origins traced back to a leader’s own lack of self-confidence. If a leader has any insecurities, ruling by fear is a way to mask these limitations.