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Five Stones Research Awarded MDA Information Technology Management and Analysis Contract – DoD Daily Contracts

Lindy Kyzer / Aug 8, 2018

Five Stones Research Corp was awarded a $50 million contract to support Information Technology Management and Analysis (ITMA).

Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States Gets New Teeth in 2019 NDAA

Christopher Burgess / Aug 8, 2018

The NDAA mandates China’s espionage activity is shared with CIFUS to assist in determining the appropriateness of Chinese investment in U.S. companies.

Uproar over Military Social Media Highlights Civilian-Military Divide

Tom McCuin / Aug 8, 2018

The military has a responsibility to sell itself to potential recruits through social media and other military displays – but some civilians see this as “propaganda” of war and the warfighter.

Meet Techies Who Chose Government Service Instead of Silicon Valley

ClearanceJobs / Aug 8, 2018

Startups in the West may have once been the only option for forward-thinking tech talent, but not anymore. Meet three people who chose to put their talent to work in service to their government, over Silicon Valley.

USAF Awards Boeing Additional $10 Million for KC-46 Risk Reduction Study – DoD Daily Contracts

Caroline D'Agati / Aug 7, 2018

The study will look at risk reductions of new capabilities on the initial production of the KC-46 Pegasus. The first 18 combat-ready aircraft are expected to be delivered to the U.S. Air Force in late 2018 or early 2019.

How to Make the Most of a Tech Conference

Greg Stuart / Aug 7, 2018

I’m going to help you understand how to prepare for VMworld – or any large tech conference – and plan out your trip so that you have the best experience possible.

Trump Reimposes Sanctions against Iran

Tom McCuin / Aug 7, 2018

President Trump has re-imposed sanctions on Iran. The Iranian people are in a state of unrest. Is this the first step toward regime change?

Booz Allen Hamilton Awarded Air Force Cyber Enhancements Contract – DoD Daily Contracts

Lindy Kyzer / Aug 6, 2018

Booz Allen Hamilton was awarded a $47.4 million contract for operational resilient cyber advancements.