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Former Insurgent Turns Populist Kingmaker in Iraqi Elections

Tom McCuin / May 15, 2018

Moqtada al-Sadr partnered with Iran to fight against Americans in Iraq. Now if his party wins the election, he could choose the Iraq’s next prime minister—America should be concerned.

Tenet 3 Awarded $25M for Systems Security Engineering Research – DoD Daily Contracts

Caroline D'Agati / May 14, 2018

Tenet 3 has been awarded a $24.9M USAF contract for R&D of systems security engineering, lifecycle assurance, and trustworthiness assessments of complex systems at risk.

What We Should Learn from the Niger Investigation

Tom McCuin / May 14, 2018

In October 2017, four American special operators were killed in Niger. The Investigation into the ambush should make us re-think CONOPS and how we measure risk.

Israel and Iran Square Off in Syria

Tom McCuin / May 11, 2018

While the world was watching the unfolding drama of three American prisoners returning home from North Korea, another drama was unfolding in Syria and the Golan Heights.

Raytheon Awarded Massive Navy Contract for RAM Block 2 – DoD Daily Contracts

Caroline D'Agati / May 10, 2018

Raytheon Missile Systems is awarded a $242M contract for the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Block 2 to the US Navy and government of Qatar. It is designed to provide anti-ship missile defense for multiple ship platforms.

North Korea Sends Three American Prisoners Home with Pompeo

Tom McCuin / May 10, 2018

So as of now, three more American prisoners are free, and things are on track for a June summit. Not bad for the first few weeks on the job, Mr. Secretary.

Black River Systems Awarded $9.3M for Air Force SIGINT Software Defined Radio – DoD Daily Contracts

Caroline D'Agati / May 9, 2018

Black River Systems will help advance the USAF’s SDR to sustain signals intelligence-related capabilities – like realtime collection, geolocation, and signal exploitation.

The Difference Between Deals and Treaties Important to Understanding Iran Nuclear Deal Decision

Tom McCuin / May 9, 2018

Presidents have implemented executive agreements like the JCPOA in the past. But in each case, the other signatories assumed the risk that a future president would do exactly what Trump has done here.