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How Army Drug Waivers May Limit Soldiers’ Potential

Tom McCuin / Aug 3, 2018

Young marijuana smokers of the world, rejoice. The Army’s need to fill its expanding ranks means that your pot habit is not an automatic disqualifier for service.

Volant Associates Awarded Air Force Software Contract- DoD Daily Contracts

Caroline D'Agati / Aug 2, 2018

Volant Associates was awarded an $11 million contract modification for Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise Framework Integrated Collaborative Environment software. 

Understanding the Foreign Agents Registration Act

Tom McCuin / Aug 2, 2018

Perhaps the government does need to change the way it enforces this law. But the latest revelations, coming when and how they did, reeks of politics.

$3.9 Billion Awarded to General Dynamics for Army Hardware – DoD Daily Contracts

Caroline D'Agati / Aug 1, 2018

The Common Hardware Systems 5th Generation (CHS-5) will manage a portfolio of solutions including, but not limited to, servers, storage, clients, networking devices, ruggedized platforms, hand-held end devices, Operational Transit Cases (OTC) and peripherals devices.

Why Negotiating Peace with the Taliban is an Okay ‘End’ to the Afghan War

Tom McCuin / Aug 1, 2018

No one on the American side will formally confirm anything, but an anonymous Taliban official told the Associated Press over the weekend that an American delegation met with a Taliban delegation in Qatar.

With a Massive Award, GE Will Repair, Replace Engines for Super Hornet and Growler – DoD Daily Contracts

Caroline D'Agati / Jul 31, 2018

This $630.5 million award is for repair, replacement, and program support of 773 F414 engine components used on the F/A-18 E/F and EA18G aircrafts. 

Winning the Information War: A New Path for Strategic Communications

Tom McCuin / Jul 31, 2018

Al Qaeda and Islamic State communications efforts might seem crudely absurd to the average American who consumes media across multiple platforms (often simultaneously), but to the target audience, it was brutally effective.

University of Dayton Awarded $96M Engineering Contract for USAF Landing Systems – DoD Daily Contracts

Caroline D'Agati / Jul 30, 2018

Partnering with Engineering and Software System Solutions of San Diego, these engineering services will ensure mission safety, improve costs and operational capability, and improve environmental safety and friendliness.