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What is Whistleblowing? An Answer From History

John Davis / Aug 4, 2017

Wondering about the difference between a whistleblower and a leaker? History gives us some of the context.

Yes, You Are Being Watched Every Time You Log On To a Government Computer

Tom McCuin / Jun 8, 2017

The government is serious when it tells you (as you log on to your computer) that your activity is ‘subject to monitoring’.

A Brief American History of Leaks and Cryptography

Ed Ledford / Mar 31, 2017

Codes continue to evolve, be cracked and hacked, and to shape both American politics and international affairs.   

Boasting About Clearance on LinkedIn Proves Stupid Move for Would-Be Secrets Seller

Lindy Kyzer / May 14, 2015

Boasting about his clearance on LinkedIn proved a notable factor for FBI investigators looking into one man’s attempt to sell U.S. secrets.

Intelligence Community Leaks and the Press

Chandler Harris / May 22, 2014

Can members of the intelligence community speak with the press? What constitutes intelligence community leaks and what doesn’t is becoming even murkier, argue some.

Justifying a Clearance – Why Need to Know May Become the New Norm

Jeffrey Bennett / Mar 28, 2014

Security clearance reform is focused on cutting personnel – but the real cuts may be about returning access to a need to know paradigm.

Feds Intensify Policies to Squash Insider Threats

Chandler Harris / Mar 17, 2014

The Pentagon leads efforts to monitor and prevent breaches from among its own.

‘Authorized Leaks’ Make Classification Guidelines Murkier

Lindy Kyzer / Oct 25, 2013

Authorized leaks seems like a contradiction in terms, but Congress is looking for more notification of instances where classified information is revealed to the press.