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With Most Eyes on Houston, Navy Scores an SM-6 Hit

Tom McCuin / Sep 1, 2017

On Tuesday the USS John Paul Jones, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, showed a little spirit as she successfully intercepted a medium range ballistic missile fired from Hawaii.

North Korea Strikes Again – Missile Launch Near Japan

Tom McCuin / Aug 29, 2017

North Korea dramatically raised the stakes on Monday by firing a missile that flew over Japan, landing in the waters to the east of the Land of the Rising Sun.

North Korea Debate is War Over Words

Tom McCuin / Aug 10, 2017

The debate in Washington is less about North Korea’s policies than a critique of the President’s words.

Jacobs Technology Awarded $4.6 Billion Maximum Value Missile Defense Contract – DoD Daily Contracts

Lindy Kyzer / Aug 9, 2017

Jacobs Technology was awarded a contract with an estimated maximum value of $4.6 billion for services supporting concurrent test, training and operations for the Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center.

How Troubling is the Latest North Korean ICBM Launch?

Tom McCuin / Jul 31, 2017

The Republic of Korea tested another intercontinental ballistic missile on Friday, two days after Iran tested its own ICBM.

Iran’s Disturbing Rocket Launch

Tom McCuin / Jul 28, 2017

On Wednesday, the Iranian government announced it had launched a missile capable of placing a satellite into orbit.

THAAD Remains Perfect in Intercept Tests

Tom McCuin / Jul 13, 2017

Monday’s successful launch was the 14th time the system has hit and destroyed a ballistic missile

Poland Agrees to Buy Patriot Missiles

Tom McCuin / Jul 6, 2017

$7.5 billion deal is a partial return to the pre-Obama strategy for defending the European continent

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