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North Korea Summit Challenge Coin – A Little Too Early?

Tom McCuin / May 23, 2018

Over the weekend, we learned that the White House Military Office had minted a coin for the upcoming summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean Chairman of the State Affairs Committee Kim Jong-un.

How the “Libya Model” is Impacting North Korea Peace Talks

Tom McCuin / May 18, 2018

Yesterday President Trump tried to reassure North Korea that it would not meet the same fate as Libya. But he’s a little unclear on what that actually means.

The North Koreans Are Backpedaling…Sort of

Tom McCuin / May 17, 2018

With the summit in Singapore looming, North Korean military leaders are criticizing planned U.S.-South Korea military exercises. They may realizing that a sudden onset of peace threatens their lifestyle.

North Korea Sends Three American Prisoners Home with Pompeo

Tom McCuin / May 10, 2018

So as of now, three more American prisoners are free, and things are on track for a June summit. Not bad for the first few weeks on the job, Mr. Secretary.

North Korean Cyberattacks Continue

Tom McCuin / May 7, 2018

North Korean cyber crimes have continued even as Kim tries to rehabilitate his image on the world stage.

Korea Summit Doesn’t Signal Permanent Peace, But It’s Still Historic

Tom McCuin / Apr 30, 2018

The historic meeting Friday between Republic of Korea President Moon Jae-in and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Chairman Kim Jong-un continues to confound and perplex the world’s security analysts.

What’s North Korea’s Endgame?

Tom McCuin / Apr 23, 2018

The DPRK has continued to surprise at every turn, beginning with the relational thaw just before the Winter Olympics in February.

CIA Meetings in North Korea Emphasize Kim Jong-un’s Motivation to Maintain Status Quo

Tom McCuin / Apr 19, 2018

Intelligence Community “back channels,” out of sight of the public and even most of the bureaucracy, serve a vital role.