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White House Says Show Me the Missile Money: New Missile Defense Budget Request

Tom McCuin / Nov 13, 2017

As the president began his Asian tour in Japan, his Office of Management and Budget submitted a $4 billion supplemental request to Congress to bolster domestic missile defenses.

Korea Crisis Continues, Even if No One is Watching

Tom McCuin / Oct 30, 2017

President Trump begins a 12-day, five-country trip to Asia on Friday, and three carrier strike groups will be in the region with him.

The Return of Atmospheric Nuclear Testing?

Tom McCuin / Oct 26, 2017

True to form, the government of the Democratic People’s Republic is ramping-up the propaganda ahead of a visit to Korea by President Trump.

What Bluster Can Teach Intelligence Analysts About North Korea

Tom McCuin / Oct 11, 2017

Some smart intelligence analysts who haven’t seen daylight in a long time now have reams of satellite imagery and signals intelligence that give them a picture of how the North Korean military is reacting to threatening language.

U.S. Forces Korea’s Dependents Receive Fake Evacuation Orders

Christopher Burgess / Sep 27, 2017

Facebook and SMS messages spoof official evacuation orders for military dependents in Korea.

North Korean Information Operations or Cluelessness?

Tom McCuin / Sep 27, 2017

The Washington Post reported that DPRK diplomats at the UN have been reaching out to Republican strategists “in an apparent attempt to make sense of President Trump and his confusing messages to Kim Jong Un’s regime.”

Will North Korea Test a Warhead Over the Pacific?

Tom McCuin / Sep 25, 2017

Kim knows such a launch and test would likely be a bridge too far for Trump, if not the rest of the world. So all the heated talk in the past week may have just cooled things off for a while.

Trump Takes on the Rocket Man

Tom McCuin / Sep 20, 2017

The speech was bold, it was in-your-face, but it wasn’t a radical departure from the foreign policy of past Republican presidents.