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North Korean Talks Just a Smokescreen for Nuclear Business as Usual

Tom McCuin / Mar 7, 2018

Early Tuesday morning in Washington, news broke that Kim Jong-un is willing to discuss denuclearization.

Korean Tabletop Exercise Represents Typical DoD Planning, Not Mutiny

Tom McCuin / Mar 2, 2018

Wargaming potential scenarios in which the U.S. could find itself down into a war with North Korea is simply prudent thinking.

North Korea’s Next Move Following the Olympics

Tom McCuin / Feb 26, 2018

The Olympics are over. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming in North Korea, already in progress

North Korea Gets the Gold in Olympics Propaganda

Tom McCuin / Feb 12, 2018

The XXIII Olympic Winter Games are underway in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea. The media seems to be awarding North Korea the propaganda gold they’d hoped for.

Doomsday Clock Calculations Aren’t Grounded in Foreign Policy Realities

Tom McCuin / Jan 26, 2018

The famous, or infamous, Doomsday Clock of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists now stands at two minutes to midnight.

Inside the Mind of the CIA Director

Tom McCuin / Jan 25, 2018

CIA Director Mike Pompeo dedicated a good portion of his talk to one of our favorite topics here at Daily Intel — North Korea.

North and South Korea May Get the Chance to Square Off – At the Olympics

Tom McCuin / Jan 18, 2018

Call it one small step for a Korean athlete, one giant leap for North-South Korean relations.

America Can Take Credit for North-South Korea Talks

Tom McCuin / Jan 11, 2018

Both sides can take a share of the credit, but in the end, the tensions are easing. We can have a constructive dialogue that seeks to find a place where we can agree to end the madness.