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Brinksmanship in North Korea’s Nuclear Strategy and a Crazy Dictator’s Predictability

Tom McCuin / Sep 6, 2017

Kim Jong-un, as much as we like to call him “crazy,” surely knows there is no scenario where he uses a nuclear weapon, successfully or not, that does not end with the utter destruction of his country.

The New Cold War – Is a War with Russia Heating Up?

Peter Suciu / Jul 16, 2017

Since 2016, some scholars in the mainstream media have been warning of the New Cold War. That term may not fit today’s reality.

Strategic Mission Systems Awarded Nuclear Communications Support Contract – DoD Daily Contracts

Lindy Kyzer / Jun 23, 2017

Strategic Mission Systems was awarded a $73.1 million contract for national and nuclear communications support for the E-4B fleet.

Technical Writing: Jobs for Poets with a Clearance

David Brown / May 14, 2017

The field of technical writing means a lot more than grinding out dry documents. It is a dynamic career with history-making potential.

Commission on Care, Warning Pyongyang, and Virtual Marksmanship – Daily Intelligence

Ed Ledford / Apr 1, 2016

Medical industry wants to close VA healthcare, messages from the global nuclear security summit, and digital firing lines all the rage – all in today’s defense headlines.

Salient CRGT to Provide IT Services to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Lindy Kyzer / Feb 10, 2016

Salient CRGT will deliver a Master Data Management (MDM) Solution and Enterprise Data Exchange services that maximize the use of existing technology and minimize manual processes

Apocalyptic Jobs for the Fallout-inspired Wasteland

David Brown / Jan 12, 2016

Fallout 4 is more than a great way to spend 100 hours on your sofa. It’s also good inspiration for your next job.

Moog Inc. Awarded $19M for Overhaul of B-2 Servoactuators – DoD Daily Contracts

Ashley LaGanga / May 7, 2015

Moog Inc., East Aurora, New York, was awarded nearly $19M for repair and overhaul of seven different types of hydraulic B-2 servoactuators. The work will be performed at Tinker Air Force Base in Okla.