Thinking about becoming an independent consultant? Check out these facts:

  1. Most consultants earn about 30% to 50% more per hour than their permanent counterparts.
  2. Consulting positions are a great way to get a “foot in the door” and give the company an opportunity to assess your skills. This is an excellent way to make you valuable to a prospective client and to have some leverage while negotiating for a higher starting salary when negotiating to become an employee.
  3. In the case of a consultant assignment where the client company would like you to convert to an employee status you are able to find out about the position, the location, the company, and the company culture before making the commitment, and/or relocation that is often necessary before becoming a permanent employee.
  4. Avoiding office politics.
  5. Earning a living and developing new skills while searching for the right permanent position.
  6. You have more flexibility to determine how you are going to schedule your time.
  7. Consultants usually get paid weekly not bi-weekly.
  8. You will be exposed to different working environments and conditions that can strengthen your overall skills.
  9. As openings come up and if you desire, you may convert and become an employee of the firm you are consulting with.
  10. You will have the flexibility to choose assignments that meet your personal and professional needs.

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