Job satisfaction for Marine Corps Intelligence employees is lower than other intelligence agencies, due to pay, lack of opportunities for better jobs and an absence of involvement in work-related decisions, according to a new survey.

Only 49.9 percent of the 1,601 military and 206 civilian Marine Corps intelligence personnel that participated in the 2012 IC Employee Climate survey were satisfied with their jobs. The survey also found that 58.1 percent of those surveyed were satisfied with their involvement in work-related decisions and 45 percent were satisfied with opportunity for job advancement. Civilian respondents were much less satisfied (-14.8 percent) about their ability to get a better job in within Marine Corps intelligence.

Just under half of respondents (47.7 percent) said Marine intelligence was successful collaborating and sharing information with other intelligence organizations, while 75 percent said their mission depends on this.

Only 56.7 percent felt creativity and innovation are rewarded. Only 11.1 percent felt their total compensation was comparable to similar jobs in the private sector. When it came to performance compensation, only 24.2 percent felt pay raises depended on how well employees performed in their jobs.

There were some bright spots in the survey. Employee engagement was the most satisfying part of Marine Corps Intelligence according to 74 percent of survey respondents, while 72.6 percent said “leadership and knowledge management” was satisfactory, up six percent since 2010. Eighty-seven percent said they cooperate with their peers to get the job done. Most of those surveyed (87 percent) felt the work they do is important.

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