France began its withdrawl from the frontlines in Mali as it reassesses its role in ousting Islamic militants in the war-torn country.  France unilaterally invaded Mali earlier this year after concerns that Islamic militant groups were plotting to attack Western targets, and threaten the interests of an ascendant France.

Small arms and munitions originally found in Libya have begun to pop up in virtually every corner of the globe, from Mali and greater West Africa to the battlefields of Syria.

US intelligence agencies have determined that North Korea’s nascent ballistic missile capability could be demonstrated within the next few days, and are keeping a close eye on the volatile country.

Admiral McRaven, the commander of US Special Operations Command, has a simple solution for avoiding the Afghanistan and Iraq’s of the future: work with other nations to train their militaries and ensure they can defend themselves, with or without direct US assistance.

The White House is offering new aid packages to the Syrian rebels, although it is still characterized as non-lethal.


Raytheon demonstrated its new Joint Standoff Weapon Extended Range integrated fuel system, which allows US forces to engage at greater distances for longer.

The Navy has offered up a variant of the venerable F-18 fighter to be used in lieu of the nascent Joint Strike Fighter, an acquisition program riddled with flaws and cost overruns.

The Air Force has cancelled all classes and closed schoolhouses at its storied Weapons School which, while not exactly like Top Gun, is somewhat similar.


The Senate Judiciary Committee has asked for and will be granted access to secret legal memoranda detailing the extent of the US’ authority to pursue and if necessary kill US citizens abroad.

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Robert Caruso is a veteran of the United States Navy, and has worked for the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, Business Transformation Agency and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.