The United States has found it extraordinarily difficult to collect intelligence on North Korean platforms and personnel, and there’s a reason why.


The Air Force is apparently running out of ideas (and money!) and needs your help to identify further cost savings to help it realize the goals set forth in the Budget Control Act passed into law.

A top information security specialist and reformed hacker is departing DARPA, the Pentagon’s prestigious big think shop, for Google.


Chuck Hagel has downgraded the proposed Distinguished Warfare Medal to a device that would be affixed to existing Department of Defense awards after an outcry from veterans groups and military advocacy organizations.


The Congressional Research Service has released a primer on notification requirements for various components of the US government with regards to the planning and execution of covert action.

The Director of National Intelligence has released the latest figures detailing how many Americans hold security clearances, a whopping 4.9 million.

The US has been covertly supplying the Syrian rebels with aid for months, and the al-Nusra extremist organization has been taking the credit for just as long.

BAE Systems has decided the best place to unveil its new stealth drone is in Australia, writes the local press.

A top Army military intelligence is moving up the ladder:

“Army Reserve Col. Gabriel Troiano has been nominated for promotion to the rank of brigadier general and for assignment as the commander (troop program unit), Military Intelligence Readiness Command, Fort Belvoir, Va. Troiano most recently served as commander (troop program unit), Combat Support Agency Support Command, Fort Belvoir, Va.”


The Navy’s Military Sealift Command has issued a contract to American Overseas Marine Corporation for $14M to design and field new ships that are part barge, part amphib.

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Robert Caruso is a veteran of the United States Navy, and has worked for the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, Business Transformation Agency and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.