Syria’s air defenses, courtesy of Russia, would hamper any US or international action to oust embattled President Assad. Comprised of state-of-the-art components, these air defense systems are a serious impediment to any real or imagined intervention on behalf of the Syrians.

A person alleged to be spying on behalf of the United States was crucified yesterday in Yemen, following an aggressive counterintelligence push by militants there affiliated with (and sometimes not) al-Qaeda.

The Libyan foreign ministry has been under siege since at least Friday, and the problem of radical Islamic militancy considers to grow in the war-torn country two years after the initial United Nations campaign to oust Gaddafi.

Reports the Central Intelligence Agency has been lining the President Karzai’s pockets with millions in cash turned out to be true.


Four Airmen were killed this past weekend in Afghanistan after their MC-12 (primarily used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance purposes) crashed a few hundred miles outside Kabul.


Former CIA Director General Petraeus has earned a respite from polite society in Washington. But is he staging a political comeback, or does he really just want to help out in any way he can? Buzzfeed explores the long-overdue rehabilitation.

The National Nuclear Security Administration has been under intense pressure to halt cost overruns and protect the nation’s nuclear arsenal from damage or destruction, while stationary or in transit, for years. So why do some on Capitol Hill want to cut their funding?


The wildly successful collaborative methods of the Joint Special Operations Command are working their way into the boardroom, and ultimately a business near you.

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Robert Caruso is a veteran of the United States Navy, and has worked for the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, Business Transformation Agency and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.