Daily intelligence headlines 5/29/13


Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay is commemorating its 35th anniversary this week. Kings Bay is home to both the powerful SSBNs (with nuclear tipped missiles) and the SSGNs (a refreshed version with conventional munitions). SSGNs, with their sensor suite and the ability to load and unload SEALs underwater, have become increasingly involved in the war on terrorism. Trident Training Facility, located at Kings Bay, provides the Navy with a sort of center of excellence for subamariners and their crews.

The New York Times is reporting a top militant has been killed in Pakistan. Wednesday’s strike came just six days after President Obama unveiled his new drone policy, curtailing their use to limit civilian casualties and moving oversight of the program from the C.I.A. to the Pentagon — although the C.I.A. is expected to maintain control of strikes in Pakistan. U.S. officials do not comment on specific attacks, but the C.I.A. has carried out hundreds of drone strikes in Pakistan that have killed thousands of people.

Along with no-fly zone plans, the White House is considering arming parts of the Syrian opposition and formally recognizing the Syrian opposition council, reports Josh Rogin. Pentagon spokesman Dave Lapan sent the following statement to The Daily Beast after this story posted: “There is no new planning effort underway. The Joint Staff, along with the relevant combatant commanders, continue to conduct prudent planning for a range of possible military options.” Analysts say it will be more difficult for the United States or other Western powers to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria if Russia goes ahead with the sale of anti-aircraft missiles to its ally Damascus.

Two defense attachés stationed in Venezuela have been shot in a strip club on the outskirts of Caracas. The two men are members of the support staff in the office of the defense attaché, the permanent Department of Defense presence run in cooperation with the Department of State by officers detailed to the Defense Intelligence Agency. The Defense Intelligence Agency is in charge of the attaché program and culls its members from across the services.


Libya is moving the headquarters of its state-run oil firm to Benghazi. This may provide Western private security contractors and private military corporations with a lucrative source of revenue.

Cantada is hiring a computer network operations engineer to support a government client located at Fort Meade.

The Defense Intelligence Agency still has contract vehicles to support its stand-up of the Defense Clandestine Service, and therefore contractors are still looking for applicants–specifically, human intelligence collectors with a minimum of 5 years of experience and graduates of specific DoD schoolhouses.

The Army is moving forwards with its effort to revitalize information operations. Fort Belvoir, home to both 1st Information Operations Command (Land) and its parent, INSCOM, is considered an unofficial center of excellence in the information operations world. Unsurprisingly, if you are an information operations professional, lots of places are hiring. 

A government customer located at MacDill Air Force Base needs a Sharepoint administrator immediately.

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Robert Caruso is a veteran of the United States Navy, and has worked for the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, Business Transformation Agency and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.