The Office of Personnel Management is looking for a few good security experts to help it shore up its IT systems, as it is now searching for a new deputy CIO.

The deputy CIO job posting was listed on on Aug. 17. The deputy will serve as a principal advisor to the CIO with duties that include coordinating IT plans and policies, managing the daily responsibilities of the Office of the CIO, and developing strategies and performance measures for implementing IT.

David DeVries was recently appointed the new Chief Information Officer of the OPM, after the OPM suffered what is believed to be the the largest data breach in U.S. government history. Last year, hackers stole personal information of more than 22 million people from the OPM.

Job Requirements: TS Clearance and Relationship Management

The new position requires a  top-secret security clearance and the ability to manage relationships with OPM Senior Executives and other stakeholders to understand business priorities and enables business needs by providing “effective, efficient and secure IT and digital solutions.”

Additional duties include leading IT resource planning, which includes HR, resource, and budget activities. And the person must develop a new workforce strategy that attracts, develops and retains top IT, digital and cybersecurity talent.

Due to last year’s breach, OPM is in the midst of a cybersecurity overhaul, which includes a new cybersecurity workforce. The agency is looking to fill  senior executive positions with people who have the IT expertise needed to overhaul the agency’s IT and National Background Investigations Bureau and handle OPM’s security clearance and background check process.

The OPM is looking to modernize its IT systems, since it still maintains legacy systems that hold unencrypted personal data on federal employees. The OPM spent about $147 million on IT during fiscal 2016 and is expected to spend $151.6 million in fiscal 2017.

OPM’s new CIO who was formerly the CIO of the Defense Department and has been working with the OPM on the new National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB). This new bureau will be managed by OPM but the DoD will handle the IT infrastructure.

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