As technology advances, some employees worry that artificial intelligence and automation may put their jobs at risk. But the economy of the future won’t be “Man vs. Machine.” It will be “Man + Machine.” Some of the fastest-growing and highest paid jobs combine advanced technologies with the soft skills only people can provide. These are called “hybrid jobs.”

Hybrid jobs often combine uncommon skill sets, incorporating technical expertise with softer skills like analysis, management, or creativity.  For example, a job could require someone skilled in both data analysis and who’s also able visualize that information in a creative way. Or a job may require a software engineer who can build apps, but also understands user experience or design.

Most hybrid jobs can be broken down into five categories: Big Data and Analytics, Design and Development, Sales and Customer Service, Emerging Digital Technologies, and Compliance and Regulation.

An estimated 25% of all U.S. jobs show elements of hybridization. And pay and demand for hybrid jobs is only increasing. With a unique blend of soft and technical skills, these jobs will be more resistant to automation or AI.

So how can you get a hybrid job? The good news is that you already have some of the skills you need to evolve with the job landscape. Are you an intelligence analyst? Try to advance your skills in data and statistics. Are you a software engineer? Take a course in management or communications.

Volunteer for new projects that will help you develop new skills or take advantage of your company’s continuing education benefits. Some universities are now offering degrees or certificates in hybrid fields like Data Visualization or Communication Design.

Sharpening current skills and continuing to learn new ones is your best chance to land a hybrid job and stay prepared for the job market of the future.

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