A background investigation to obtain a security clearance for a federal job goes can take months to years to obtain. In this amount of time, many things in your life can change, including your living situation. So, what happens if you move during your background investigation, or move before it is completed?

After filling out and submitting your SF-86, which is the application used to determine clearance eligibility, a background investigator is assigned to handle the investigation. The investigator verifies the information you’ve provided – included addresses. That’s why it’s important to update your security officer of any significant changes to your security application that occur after it’s submitted – including a change of address. You likely do not need to notify the background investigator assigned to your case. But if they reach out to you for a personal subject interview, one of their initial questions will be about any changes that have occurred between the date your application was submitted, and their interview. Make sure you update with that information, and provide a reference who can verify your new address.

Always take a personal interest in the status of your background investigation. Check in with your Facility Security Officer, and advise them of any changes or updates, When you do so, make notifications in writing, and keep documentation of your notification for your own records.

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