When you make the leap to retire from active duty, embark on the job seeking journey, or find yourself seeking a new career due to relocating, where do you start?

Figure out your why

In order to make the best decision for you and your family, you’ll need to assess the reasons you’re changing careers in the first place. You will figure out your “why.”

This isn’t simply “why should I get up and go to work today?” It is an outlook on life, your profession, and how you’ll make a difference in whatever industry you choose. It’s your purpose or belief behind what and how you do something.

US Navy veteran,  Natalie Oliverio

ClearanceJobs sat down with  former US Navy veteran,  Natalie Oliverio, to hear about her “why”. She tells the story of her journey through the military, her transition into the civilian sector, building her company, resume and virtual career tips for job seekers, and the importance of recruitment marketing as a talent acquisition professional in this space.

Military Talent Partners (MTP) is a women-owned small business that helps participants do just that. The organization focuses on elevating human potential to help individuals realize their strengths and find their purpose. They invest in the futures of heroes so they may continue to push our country forward through their leadership and exceptional skill set.

Applied to your career, knowing your why means approaching the job search with this motivator at the forefront so that it will catapult you to your goal.  MTP cultivates military talent through mentorship and career discovery and coaches candidates through the resume writing and interview process, while connecting them to meaningful careers.

Connecting Mentoring and Military Transition

In 2015, Natalie became immersed in mentoring within the military space and fell in love with it. For more than 10 years, Natalie worked as a Corporate Recruiter across multiple industries and specialties. She recognized a gap between what the military was able to prepare service-members for, and what they needed in order to be successful post-military.

As she became immersed in the military space outside of the service, she recognized how so many transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses weren’t prepared to be successful post-military. She wanted to fill this gap and help our nation’s heroes find their career path.

When you start the process of passively or actively job seeking in any space, knowing your “why” is vital to your career trajectory.

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