Military transition is an uncertain time, even within our current ‘uncertain’ times. While Marcia Villavicencio transitioned out of the U.S. Navy a few years ago, and she remembers ClearanceJobs being a trusted resource in helping her obtain employment after her service in the military.

Success Comes When You Build It

Having recruiters knocking down your door to fill an open position while transitioning out of the military will help to build your confidence, show you that your skills are in demand, and will give you the time to build meaningful connections instead of hitting the copy & paste buttons in messages out to recruiters.

When it comes to your ClearanceJobs profile and defense recruiters: “If you build it, they will come.”


Recruiters Look for You on ClearanceJobs

Marcia wanted a government job with her military background and active security clearance under her belt, and something that she knew would be flexible with her reservist commitments. So, after googling her requirements, she entered the cyber world of ClearanceJobs.

“It’s pretty simple – your name, occupation, upload your resume, and do everything like you would on a regular application site.” Marcia notes that “the good thing about ClearanceJobs is that they are looking for YOU – someone with a security clearance and that really narrows down the pool a lot.”

Marcia received a phone call within a month of being on the site. Then, she received a call from a second recruiter and became gainfully employed with another company. After fulfilling her next round of orders, she received a third call from another contractor.

Success Came From Hard Work

Marcia Villavicencio joined the U.S. Navy as an E-3, painting ships, sweeping decks, answering phones, etc. However, she decided to move up to be a gunner’s mate. Despite being called ‘girly’, she exceeded expectations and did her job well. After active duty, she joined the reserves as a yeoman and recently in October of 2019, decided to apply to be an Administration Navy Officer…all while being employed full-time. She’s still learning about the officer world, alongside her government job and even running her own fitness and life coaching business.

Pick a Place to Start

You must start somewhere, so if you are former military, in the reserves, or have an active security clearance, kickstart your career with ClearanceJobs. ClearanceJobs is the largest career network for professionals with security clearances. On our marketplace, you are able to find defense and intelligence jobs, network with recruiters, and put your security clearance to work.

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