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Rachelle Chapman leads the military spouse and veteran recruitment program at Adecco Staffing, and being a military spouse herself, she adds a ton of personal experience to her advice to mil spouses and transitioning military. She just celebrated her 15-year work anniversary with Adecco, which is a difficult milestone to hit as a military spouse that will PCS from location to location, following her spouse in his career through the military.


Starting 19 years ago, the Military Alliance program at Adecco connects veterans and mil spouses with partners, reaching out to military communities, and supporting military families by honoring their service.

Veterans serve our country, and Adecco hopes to give back by serving up new career options. The value that veterans bring to the workplace is priceless and therefore, in high demand in the civilian workforce (especially with active security clearances). Adecco connects veterans with mentorship opportunities and employers in national security.

Mil spouses are not forgotten – their support on the home front is invaluable to the United States’ military readiness. And so, Adecco believes mil spouse career goals are equally important. Since 2002, the Military Alliance program has helped spouses maintain career momentum throughout frequent PCS moves, deployments, and uncertainty.

Adecco is a leader in addressing the high U.S. military spouse / veteran unemployment rate. As military friendly employer with portable careers, online training, and professional support, you will certainly want to check out their remote openings.


Rachelle knew that the pandemic presented a ton of challenges. But with many individuals transitioning to working from home 100%, this created a ton of opportunities for military spouses to work remotely. The world of work has been changing, but COVID-19 forced orgs to rethink office spaces, what teams look like, and management in general.

She personally has been a remote worker for eight years, and employers/hiring managers are not hamstrung by where people live. Businesses were forced to meet candidates where they are – it’s been a forcing function for companies to think outside the box when it comes to team structure and placement.


Not surprisingly, the pandemic has created a space for active military to stay in the service, whether it be for job security or fear of the unknown. That being said, military bases have completely revamped the way they recruit and retain people, by taking their campaigns virtual.


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