Joe Byerly is a combat arms officer with over 17 years of experience in combat and training environments, his background being conventional mostly within reconnaissance organizations within the big army. He has a few deployments under his belt, and has served within the the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) enterprise more recently.


In his experience, there are a few myths or misconceptions within the military. For him, it was long periods of boredom punctuated by brief moments of something thrilling (like horrifically hitting an IED).

Joe also tells us about his successes through his military career, finding his strengths and weaknesses, so he could better serve organizations. Listeners will be able to pull from this conversation and apply Joe’s learnings to their own professional life, especially on having honest direct conversations with teammates and leaders to better you as an executive.

Like ClearanceJobs, Joe believes in mentorship, reading, and national security personnel investing in their own professional development and becoming the best version of yourself. From the Green Notebook dives into just that, starting off as a blog but manifesting into a podcast where Joe and his co-host interview a very diverse list of guests like best-selling authors, military leaders, and even headliners like the Lumineers or the band O.A.R.

Joe  also loves to write and is a Non-Resident Fellow with the Modern War Institute and has published articles in ARMY Magazine, Military ReviewStrategy BridgeSmall Wars JournalTask and PurposeForeign Policy, and many others. He’s also been featured on Forbes and has been featured on several podcasts, and he has spoken at the Annual AUSA Conference, the Future of War Conference, and Defense Entrepreneurs Forum Annual Conference.

If you’re also passionate about leader development and want to lead with the best version of yourself, tune in to From the Green Notebook, a platform for leaders to help each other by sharing lessons learned. Lessons that come from your own green notebooks.


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