A great way to stay connected to resources and the veteran community is through podcasts. The podcast scene has exploded in the last few years and the number of veteran-focused podcasts has also grown. Sometimes it is overwhelming trying to find the right podcast for you and your situation.

Top 7 Podcasts for Veterans

This is a short round-up of some of the most popular veteran podcasts and what they are about to help you determine if the podcast is the right fit for you.

1. Borne the Battle

The Department of Veteran Affairs weekly podcast hosted by Marine veteran Tanner Iskra has the goal to engage and reach out to veterans. The primary focus of the podcast is to bridge the military/civilian divide, educating VA employees about the warriors they serve, promoting veteran advocacy initiatives through the voices of veterans, inspiring its listeners from the stories of veterans, and informing veterans about new information from the VA as it is released.

Borne to Battle recognizes the battle, challenge, and sacrifice veterans endure. The format of a typical podcast starts with news and updates that are important to veterans and ends with a spotlight of a different veteran or organization. The podcast both helps to keep veterans informed about what is happening within the VA but also helps the VA employees to understand the veteran community better.

2. Tango Lima Alpha (American Legion’s podcast)

Put three veterans in a recording studio and watch what happens next. Mark Seavey, Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado, and Jeff Daly explore current events, interesting trends, and quirky stories of interest to the veteran and military community. This podcast is run by the American Legion and is a way to help you stay informed with the military community even after you leave. It also includes interviews with special guests covering topics of current events and rising stars within the veteran community.

3. Veteran on the Move

The goal of Veteran on the Move is to empower veterans and their families through entrepreneurship by connecting them with the people, programs, and resources that will facilitate their successful transition into entrepreneurship. Besides including valuable resources for those interested in beginning their own entrepreneurship journey this podcast also highlights success stories from veterans who have transitioned from military life to business owners.

4. The Military Money Show

One of the most important aspects of transitioning out of the military is ensuring your money is in order. The Military Money Show with Lacey Langford is a wealth of resources to help you get your finances in order prior to leaving the military. Lacey knows all sides of military life as a military brat, Air Force veteran, and military spouse. She can help answer your questions when transitioning out of the military and getting you prepared for financial success.

5. The Military Wallet

Money is so important that another podcast focused specifically on money and managing your money makes the list for the best transitioning podcast. The Military Wallet can help you with veteran benefits, the thrift saving plan, VA disability compensation, military discounts, military banks, how much life insurance do you need, a guide to the GI Bill, VA loan eligibility, and VA loan rates. They also provide investing and money management advice. This is your one-stop-shop for getting all your military questions answered.

6. Mentors for Military

Robert Gowin retired from the military and saw firsthand the challenges military members face through a transition out of the military. He realized many veterans have a story to share on topics outside of transition: combat, leadership, resiliency, adversity, fear, etc. He wanted to create a place for these stories to be shared.

He put together a team of co-hosts with a variety of experience and expertise along with the stories from special guests within the veteran community.  It shares real stories from real people who want to help their listeners improve their daily lives.

7. Security Clearance Careers

ClearedCast is the official podcast for ClearanceJobs. This podcast covers security clearances, intelligence community, espionage, national security, and defense contracting updates through exclusive interviews with the intelligence community and government leaders. Veterans who walk out of the military with a clearance in hand, can have a leg up on applying for jobs with the federal government or DoD contractors. It’s helpful to hear about different opportunities or updates in the national security industry.

Listen to a Podcast to Gain a Mentor

These are some of the best podcasts for transitioning, but it isn’t an all-exclusive list. Listening to podcasters can be a simple way to gain a mentor and valuable insights. It’s a free resource that can help you in your transition out of the military. If you have a favorite that was helpful in your transition, be sure to share it in the comments below.


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Amanda is a military spouse and veteran who served in the Air Force for six years as a Civil Engineer including a deployment to Afghanistan. She traded in her combat boots for a diaper bag to stay home with her two boys and follow her husband’s military career. She published her first book in 2019 titled Women of the Military, sharing the stories of 28 military women. In 2019 she also launched her podcast also titled Women of the Military. In 2020, she was published as a collaborative author in Brave Women Strong Faith. And in 2021, she launched a YouTube channel to help young women answer their questions about military life, Girl’s Guide to the Military. You can learn more about Amanda at her blog Airman to Mom.