Every recruiter and candidate most likely know that an Application Tracking System (ATS) is an important piece of recruiting software in the defense hiring process. But why stop there when there are other amazing software products that staffing teams can add to their toolbox?

Here are the top recruiting software tools (other than ClearanceJobs, of course) that are key ingredients to successful defense hiring teams:

Recruiting Software: Chatbots

Like ClearanceJobs’ Workflow, recruiters always appreciate the tools that can automate monotonous, time consuming tasks. Introducing artificial intelligence (AI) meeting recruiting chatbots. This intelligent automation is a program that uses messaging to perform simple tasks or respond to website visitors. While these applications are generally used to conduct an online chat conversation (instead of a live human agent) for marketing purposes, recruiting teams have started to leverage this tool that can be fine-tuned to staffing purposes. You can program yours to respond to potential hires during off hours, answer simple questions that don’t require much thought, or screen candidates asking questions about minimum requirements. If a candidate meets these rules and are still interested, then they would move forward to a live recruiter.

Testing: Technical (or social) Assessments

Hiring assessments are a ‘nice-to-have’ toward the end of the hiring process if you are trying to make a decision between two amazing candidates. Assessments can be for a variety of things: they can serve as technical exercises, assess a candidate’s ability for other skills, measure aptitude, personality, or other behaviors that could be essential for your opening. Most assessments like HackerRank, Interview Mocha, Pymetrics, or Self-Management Group, to name a few, can show you whether a candidate is likely to stay in the role, mesh well with other team members, or fit in with the company culture.

Unbiased developers: Job Description Writers

Performance Work Statements are B-O-R-I-N-G. It’s government jargon that has minimum requirements and is almost always vague. It’s up to the recruiting team to make the job description pop.

A good job description will get you an ok candidate, but a great job description will ensure you’re OFCCP compliant, inclusive, and attracting the best candidate for your role. Words in your advertisements have an impact on who applies or says, ‘thank you, next’. Job description development tools use AI and other savvy wordsmithing so you can see potential responses your ad could receive and will signal awkward copy. For the penny-pinching recruitment teams, you can use a gender decoder to ensure your requisition isn’t slanted after writing your descriptions.

Market Research: Salary Data

We’ve talked about how much a position’s salary can make or break a staffing team’s morale. Priced too low to underbid and win the contract, and a recruiter can have an impossible time trying to fill the vacancy. ‘Know Your Worth’ is a tool by Glassdoor that finds the midpoint based on data collected from job postings and salaries. You can enter information regarding skills or experience and see where a fair salary might start – for more tailored cleared salary info, you can download the most recent Security Clearance Compensation Survey.

From Recruiting to employee: Onboarding Software

You’ve invested in all of the recruitment software you need and have finally received a signed offer from the perfect candidate! The next step is onboarding, orientation and training. Just like a chatbot helps to retain a prospect, an outstanding onboarding program can help to retain all your best employees. A poor onboarding experience could mean that your new employee never fully connects with their new position, ultimately leaving not long after being hired.

Like recruiting software, onboarding software is especially important while employees are full or part time teleworking, and can help with scheduling, streamlining, and saving trees with electronic documents. Programs like BambooHR support electronic signatures, have customizable pre-boarding, manage all communications and organize checklists.


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