CBRNE is a career so cool – or perhaps so complex – that most people only know it only by its acronym. Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives or CBRNE, is the stuff of Netflix nightmares – think chemical attacks, nuclear bombs, and mass destruction. Keeping America safe from these threats is a vital national security mission, and regardless of global affairs, CBRNE professionals are always in demand.

Where to Get a Job in the CBRNE field?

Career opportunities include missions with law enforcement agencies, such as the Border Patrol or U.S. Secret Service, research positions with national laboratories, and a variety of defense contracting positions supporting government missions and facilities.

Most service members receive some form of CBRNE training, with some military occupations specializing in CBRNE. These specialists are trained to handle recovery and response to both natural and man-made disasters.

A common path to a CBRNE career on the civilian side is chemical engineering. Agencies such as the Defense Threat Reduction Agency have a variety of CBRNE positions for both civil service and defense contractors. CBRNE professionals aren’t just trained to combat the threats of today, but are reverse engineering the threats of the future and how to prevent them.

The CBRNE Jobs are Varied and Needed

CBRNE national strategy doesn’t preclude any type of DoD employee from embarking on the career path. You can have a background in logistics to support FEMA missions, or an EOD background that could serve DARPA’s new explosive research. CBRNE programs help to support increased domestic preparedness through federal employees or contractors to benefit the public. Programs include training and information initiatives within the CBRNE workforce to include shelter-in-place, emergency strategy and evacuation planning… or even some lab rat roles that are ahead of their time.

Whether you’re a mad scientist or a first responder, CBRNE careers are an exciting avenue to pursue and represent the cutting edge of keeping America and her interests safe.



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