Social media and security clearances continue to be frequent search terms at ClearanceJobsBlog, especially with the DoD announcing that all of its clearance holders are under Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency’s (DCSA) Continuous Vetting (CV) program.

However, one subscriber was more interested to know if their significant other’s social media posts held any weight with their security clearance eligibility:

My wife’s social media platform has gone viral and is inadvertently ruffling quite a few feathers to the point of her detractors doxing us and her family.

Should I be worried about my clearance? My job?


A significant other “going viral” due to political postings in a polarized climate alone is not enough cause for security clearance denial. Postings your views whether conservative or liberal, are allowed (just make sure if you are in uniform you fully understand the Uniform Military Code of Justice or UCMJ, and the Hatch Act).

Now, if the spouse was tweeting about illegal activity, your judgement could come into question if you didn’t report it to your Facility Security Officer (FSO). Like marijuana use, if your spouse is engaging in federally illegal activity while you hold a security clearance, you can be held liable. Unfortunately, being aware of illegal activity as a spectator puts your trustworthiness into question.


While social media posts can be checked or used as a part of the background investigation process, both the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and DCSA have emphasized current CV programs don’t include social media monitoring. DCSA is currently using social media checks in some pilot programs to establish effectiveness and capability, but many people falsely correlate CV with social media, and that isn’t the case. But it’s still a good policy to keep your social media posts clean – for both your employment and clearance prospects.

Your spouse going viral because of a post on politics? Not necessarily a security clearance deal breaker for you.


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