With the Space Force’s creation, members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps were able to submit applications to help this newest branch grow with service members – or as the Space Force calls them Guardians. A lot of transfers took place in 2021, but there are still potentially more transfers to come.

Space Force Transfers

Here is an update on what transfers have already taken place and what transfers may happen in the future.

The first transfers for this new branch were focused on transferring members from the Air Force Space community to the Space Force. Members who were within organic space career fields (i.e. Space Operations and Space System Operations) were given the option to transfer, retrain into a new career field, or leave the military. Next, the Air Force looked at career fields related to Space but not specifically in the Space arena. These career fields included Intelligence, Cyber, Engineering and Acquisitions. Career field boards met and determined which members would be selected for the newest branch. Almost all, if not all, of the Air Force transfers, have been completed for these career fields.

Recently, the Space Force accepted applications for transfers for a limited number of members from Army, Navy, and Marine Corps personnel. But that program has closed and members are being notified of their selection status. If selected, they will begin their transfer within months of being notified. If members were not selected, they can apply again in future years as opportunities for roles in the Space Force continue to expand. Members can also decline accepting the transfer after approval. Depending on the transfer, a two or four-year service commitment is added to a member’s service commitment once transferred.

Space Force Careers and Locations

Current Space force careers for officers are Space Operations, Space Intelligence, Cyber Operations, Cyber Warfare, Acquisitions, Acquisitions Engineer. Enlisted career fields include Space Systems Operations, Space Intelligence, and Cyber Operations.

Current Space Force locations will be at six main operating bases within the continental United States including Peterson SFB, Buckley SFB, Schriever SFB, Vandenberg SFB, LA SFB, Patrick SFB. There are also additional opportunities at other smaller sites around the world.

Most members will continue to serve in their current billet even after the transfer is completed. When the member is up for the next assignment, the Space Force will take over the member’s new assignment details and move them to a Space Force billet.

While Space experience is not a requirement to apply for a transfer it has been seen that it is something that leaders are looking for within the transfers. There is no news on what transfers will happen next or when. But the transfer website did state that guidance on general transfers for the Air Force will be forthcoming. And the Space Force is currently considering opening the interservice transfer program to the Coast Guard in the future.

More information about upcoming transfer opportunities is available at the CAC-enabled Milsuite site, along with the most up-to-date information at the question-and-answer section of the USSF transfer site.


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